Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A perfect match! (pun intended!)

Pardon the Pun...this is a perfect match!

Here at the beach---it's SPRING BREAK! Amen! The weather is heating up, the clothes are coming off and the smell of suntan lotion is filling the shop. Ahhhh, how nice. So, the "paper dolls" at Frill Seekers Gifts thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce you to the...perfect match!

How can a match, eh-hem, match book be perfect? Well, for starters this little book is filled with strike ready matches. That's the necessary part. The most delightful part is that the cover is...(drum roll, puh-lease)...monogrammed!

You knew there was a catch with this match! What home in America or beyond, for that matter, would be complete without a set of custom monogrammed match books? They would look divine in your guest room tucked next to one of our monogrammed candles. The match books look darling nestled in a jar near the hearth of a fireplace. Heck, these things even look good on a bar! (we did say it was Spring Break, right?)

The price is reasonable. For 50 match books with the initials, expect to pay only $39.99.

A set of 50 would be a nice housewarming gift, beach house treat or wedding favor. IF you are single, ready to mingle and heading to the shore for Spring Break '08, it sure would be cute to toss these up on the bar and display your "preppiness" for all to see. Just a thought! Enjoy! Come see us at Sandestin!


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