Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Back to School Bags! Heidi Locicero Baton Rouge LA Destin FL

Like, who knew? A simple little post can ignite a mad rush of moms! A few days ago I posted a couple of simple back to school "must have" items: lunch boxes and our polka dot pack. The shop phones starting ringing, the website nearly crashed the server with a flurry on orders and the already busy, in-season resort store---well, let's just say it was W*I*L*D!

Let's also say we loved it! Where have you people been? Anyway, we thought we should show you a few of the best backpacks ordered. Notice on the mocha brown and ocean blue ones, that a funky little design can be added about the name. Designs range from sports motifs, flowers, hearts, to princess crowns. We pretty much have something for everyone. On the black bookbag a festive polka dot or stripe grosgrain ribbon is added above or below the name for a splash of color.

We've been told our Birmingham friends go back to school on the 8th of August and our Louisiana friends will be back on the bus by August 11th. With these quickly approaching dates in mind, the paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts, urge you to get your back to school order placed T*O*D*A*Y! Hint! Hint!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back to School Bags! Heidi Locicero Baton Rouge LA

SUPER CUTE BAG Don't get the back to school blues...
get a snazzy new book bag!
The blues will disappear when you sport this mocha brown and bubblegum pink polka dot draw string backpack. This durable canvas book bag is the stylish way to back to school.

The kids who live here at the beach, always seem to be on a quest to find the coolest, most unique bag to carry their books in. We think this is it. Lots of color combos are offered: mocha brown and blueberry, camouflage, hot pink with lime green, lime green with bubblegum pink, black with blueberry dots, daisies, and so on.

Moms also seem to be scrambling around for lunch boxes this year. That doesn't say much for the school lunch program, but it does speak volumes on why our lunch boxes by cute little Miss EmT are being ordered in record numbers. Select from the stripe version shown above or froggies, fire trucks, dots, preppy or funky. The personalization is the best part, keeping little Caden's lunch close at hand. Lunch boxes are priced at only $39.99. One of our favorite shoppers mentioned that she takes the lunch box along when the dine out. She packs all of her son, Jacob's art supplies in it, which keeps him "busy" at the restaurant. Love it!

Ready to check out the new designs? Log on to:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cheers! The perfect cup!

Cheers! Indeed, these are the a must!

Surrounding yourself with stylish things truly does bring joy to your life. Even getting a mere glass of tap water is more exciting when placed in a shatterproof cup with your very own monogram on it. Preppy sippers swear (don't tell their mommas that they are swearin' now!) that it makes everything taste better.

Shatterproof cups will go through the dishwasher for at least two years and come out looking darn good each and every time. Did you guys notice the word shatterproof? Little Cameron and Miss Camille can try their hardest, but they will NOT be able to break these cups. Hurray!

Super cute designs can be added to your sassy sippers with a fun line of copy in the color of your choice.

Hard plastic, stadium style and foam cups can also be personalized. For the person who has everything...this will impress.

The most talked about use for these cool cups is still for "to-go" cups from your humble abode. Now you won't have to fret when Amanda's beau du jour insists on taking his toddy home in your favorite Waterford crystal glass with a less than sincere promise to return it. Simply swap it to one of "your cups." Speaking of Waterford...the best design we did this week was a set of foam cups with the family's name and Waterford. It read: Woods Waterford. Cute, huh?

To order or view some additional examples, log on to

C*H*E*E*R*S! Bottoms up!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

~Live Well~Shop Often~

Some slogans/catch phrases just stick! There's McDonald's: "I'm lovin it." Grey's Anatomy's "seriously?" And who can forget the original slogan of Wendy's: "Where's the beef?" Or even Motel 6's: "We'll leave the light on!

At Frill Seekers Gifts, the paper dolls, as we girls called ourselves, were continually perplexed in trying to find a slogan/catch phrase to immediately identify with our shop. Seriously! We were stumped. Then the angels sang, the heavens opened and the Hallelujah chorus triumphantly exclaimed the perfect slogan:
The paper dolls sat back and each said, "I'm lovin it!"

Tickled, we quickly added this slogan to our business cards, shirts, order forms and shop doors. It caught on like the old catch phrase from Subway: "eat fresh!" Our slogan was just that, ours, and it was new and fresh! It sums up how the paper dolls feel about life. We all feel better after a productive day of shopping, right? (or at least until the darn postman brings the mail with the bills :)

Shopping at Frill Seekers Gifts in Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin is a relaxing way to well...LIVE WELL! So really ladies, you SHOULD do it often. Fire the "shrink", get rid of the self help books, all you really need to do is: LIVE WELL and SHOP OFTEN at Frill Seekers Gifts. This simple remedy is known world wide or least regionally as being able to solve world issues, such as finding the perfect bag to monogram or scoring FREE engraving silver jewelry items.

Speaking of items, my daughter, Miss Peyton and I just returned from an amazing Market shopping excursion and found our best crop of new and hot items to be personalized from every corner of the country and beyond. Keep an eye on this blog as I will be posting photos of the new offerings soon!

For being a loyal blog reader, it's time you LIVE WELL~SHOP OFTEN: enter the code: BLOG in the Order Notes section of any online order and receive 20% OFF the most expensive item on your order! Don't worry, "we'll leave the light on for you!"

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Apron Tea Time

Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all little princesses to Tea! This adorable tea themed apron is a great gift for little girls. Made of sturdy canvas material, the hand-painted design will last for-evah!

Notice the beautiful pastel colors on the art. The name is hand-painted in a coordinating color. A matching chef hat is also available to make a complete ensemble.

We have many styles to choose from: sports, flowers, lady bugs, holidays, hearts and stars, just to name a few. Production time is typically 2-3 weeks on hand painted items. These are great to send to school to use in art class. Call the shop for the details: 850-267-4438