Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go GREEK! "RUSH" in for neat sorority treats!

It's RUSH Week! 

 I remember my own "Bid Day"...holding my breath and uttering a prayer as I slowly opened the envelope that would reveal my new sorority.  I would suddenly have the sisters that I always wished for.  For me, the choice was obvious after the first party...I would pick AOTT and I prayed that they would pick me!  {{They did!}}
 I enjoyed every single minute living with the sorority and the fun times we shared.  My only regret is that I didn't have these precious gifts to choose from when I went through rush!  The license plate pictured here would have been on my car immediately! The darling towel wrap would have been a  must for the not so modest dorm days.
I needed a bag to carry my pledge items to meetings.  This bag would have been a life saver!  Available in a variety of colors, it's durable design makes it perfect for college co-eds.
Frill Seekers' precious hats are the perfect "sorority girl" gift.  After all, you can't always get up early for class.  If you are running late...just pop on this Greek hat and you are stylin'! Frill Seekers offers all Greek organizations letters and names. 

Need a bulk order for the entire sorority?   
Just give the shop a ring for a discount and details on bulk orders! 850-267-4438
{{special photo credit to Frill Seekers Gifts shopper pictured above, Miss Sam Vaughan!  She is now a Delta Gamma Girl at Auburn!}}

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet the Teacher Treats! Kindergarten Rocks!

Back to School Ideas to impress the teacher!
How precious would your new teacher look in a Frill Seeker's Teacher Rocks t-shirt? {{we shall answer that question for you:  She would look adorable!}}

Our super soft, cotton tees are just the thing for "meet the teacher" night.  The teacher will be so impressed and delighted at your thoughtfulness!

Shirts come in midnight black, chocolate brown and bubblegum pink.  Two styles of shirts are offered.  The first style is a flattering baby doll cut, so bump up one size so it won't be too tight.  The second style is a regular t-shirt.

Our Kindergarten Rocks! and Preschool Rocks! t-shirts are a must for new school children. These shirts are guaranteed to chase away the "I don't wanna go to school" blues.  Pink design is offered for girls and a blue design for the little fellas.  

YES!  Frill Seekers Gifts does offer quantity if you are a principal, teacher, PTA president or mom and want to order several...just give the "paper dolls" at Frill Seekers a ring, or write BULK DISCOUNT in the order note section of your online order and we will be happy to help you. 

Best Wishes for a great new school year. {{ring}} There's the bell, we gotta get to school. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monograms spruce up College Dorm Rooms!

Goodbye parents...Hello dorm room! 

If your student is heading off to college this fall, you simply must make their new "home" personalized and comfy.  This darling bedding sets sure adds a sassy touch to this college student's digs.  The over-stuffed pillow, sports a precious script monogram! YUM!  {thank you Lalie B. for sharing photo}

Monograms can be used in so many ways at college.  Giving the room a touch of class and sass is a must.  How adorable is this jumbo wall monogram.  Wouldn't it just be perfect for over each roommate's bed?

Late nights spent typing reports at the computer would be much more enjoyable if your collegian  had this snazzy personalized mousepad:
Rushing from class to class would actually be fun if your student had a cute monogrammed backpack to fill with books:

The paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts "personally" just adore each and every one of the these fun ideas to make college bound kids life more enjoyable. 

Have you seen a neat idea with a monogram?  We would love to see your favorites!