Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monograms spruce up College Dorm Rooms!

Goodbye parents...Hello dorm room! 

If your student is heading off to college this fall, you simply must make their new "home" personalized and comfy.  This darling bedding sets sure adds a sassy touch to this college student's digs.  The over-stuffed pillow, sports a precious script monogram! YUM!  {thank you Lalie B. for sharing photo}

Monograms can be used in so many ways at college.  Giving the room a touch of class and sass is a must.  How adorable is this jumbo wall monogram.  Wouldn't it just be perfect for over each roommate's bed?

Late nights spent typing reports at the computer would be much more enjoyable if your collegian  had this snazzy personalized mousepad:
Rushing from class to class would actually be fun if your student had a cute monogrammed backpack to fill with books:

The paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts "personally" just adore each and every one of the these fun ideas to make college bound kids life more enjoyable. 

Have you seen a neat idea with a monogram?  We would love to see your favorites! 


a. said...

Hi Heidi!

Love the big wall monogram - may need to order for baby's room. Definitely want to order the silver heart rattle and spoon once she gets here!

Hope you are having a great summer!


Anonymous said...

What about monogramed towels? Do you do that too? How soon can we get them done....