Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to School Lap Trays & Water Jugs

Whether you're tackling getting kiddies ready for back to school or teens ready for their first trip to college, Frill Seekers Gifts will help you "make the grade" with these useful supplies.
Doing homework will be something your children look forward to if they get to do their tasks on a fun lap tray.
These sturdy, plastic trays will fit comfortably over their legs and each tray has two storage areas on each end. The storage areas are the perfect spot to fill up with pencils, pens, scissors and extra supplies. A snazzy, colorful addition to each lap tray is the personalization. Students will delight in seeing their name or monogram front and center.

The lap trays also come in handy for travelling, camp, or snack time.

Speaking of snack time...Frill Seekers Gifts is offering these stylish water jugs with personalization for just $12.99. Each durable water jug has a snap top and a decal with your child's initial. Soooo, cute. Water jugs are offered in lime green, teal blue and hot pink.

After all, don't great kids DESERVE great, personalized school supplies?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Frilled" about Vera Bradley's new Collection

We are simply "frilled" to learn that Vera Bradley named it's latest collection...{{drum roll, please}}FRILL! It just has to be about us!
We've stocked the shelves with all three color patterns of the Frill Family. Today we feature: CARNABY!

Carnaby is known for its juicy berry hues that blend with golden saffron and chocolate to give this 60s-inspired design a vintage floral vibe. Touches of pewter answer the season’s call for metallics.

Which piece is your favorite? The Frill Seekers staff pick is this darling bow clutch bag. You can carry it or take out the long shoulder strap that is nestled inside and let it hang. It's hard to decide on just one favorite! Tell us which piece you love.

Call Frill Seekers Gifts today and we'll be "frilled" to ship you a piece of the Carnaby Collection.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

About to post fabulous new items found at market! Stay tuned...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy 4th of July from the Beach!

Today, I find myself reflecting on all of the things in my own life that bring me joy. Great friends, a loving family, successful businesses and a zest for life. So, it is with profound gratitude that I pause to remember that without freedom, true freedom...the things I treasure would not be possible.

Take a moment today, just a brief moment to sneak off alone---to sit and count your blessings. Try be the most positive person you know. Even if it is just for a day. Independence day. What do you need freedom from? Anything you believe you can do---you can. Break free and let freedom ring inside your home and heart.

And then call Frill Seekers Gifts and order yourself a really cute personalized bag!

photo credit: Jill