Monday, September 13, 2010

Football Fever!

Football Fever is sweeping Frill Seekers Gifts!

We can hardly stand it!  Fall is here and we, at Frill Seekers Gifts, love this time of the year.  The cool, crisp air, the beautiful colors of the leaves and football games send shivers down our spines.  All great reasons to host a Football Party, Tailgate event, or Sports themed birthday bash!  These invitations indicate a fun, fabulous football kinda time.  Be sure to have plenty of fun this fall by stepping out of your comfort zone and into the... entertaining end zone. 
These a just a few of our favorite football invites!  The Frill Seekers personalization team can print the cards in your team colors and come up with clever, catchy wording to entice your guest's to attend.  Score!

By the way...what's your favorite college team?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Collegiate Door Wreaths!

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Cute door wreath...
Cute door wreath, who?
Cute door wreath, so cute gotta get 2 !

Game day is always fun when the party starts at your home.  Welcome your guests in a spirited style with our fabulous, funky, polka dot wreath. 

Each wreath is made of wood and hand painted to feature your team and it's favorite logo.  Wreaths sell for just $69.99!

BONUS:  If you collect our Happy Everything Platter attachments...they will fit on your new wreath, too!  How cute would it be to have your wreath out around Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Adorable! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tailgate & Celebrate! Frill Seeker style!

Happy Fall Y'all!
Cooler temperatures will surely soon be here! We beckon you to slow down just a notch, cast aside what you've been doing all summer and simply get ready for--- some football!

Whether you cheer on a college, high school, NFL, or little league team...the Frill Seekers Gift's team is ready to help you tailgate and celebrate in style...personalized, of course!

Our offerings this year are something to cheer about. So, sit back in that lazy boy recliner, grab your hubby's remote control and turn off that annoying's time to shop!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go GREEK! "RUSH" in for neat sorority treats!

It's RUSH Week! 

 I remember my own "Bid Day"...holding my breath and uttering a prayer as I slowly opened the envelope that would reveal my new sorority.  I would suddenly have the sisters that I always wished for.  For me, the choice was obvious after the first party...I would pick AOTT and I prayed that they would pick me!  {{They did!}}
 I enjoyed every single minute living with the sorority and the fun times we shared.  My only regret is that I didn't have these precious gifts to choose from when I went through rush!  The license plate pictured here would have been on my car immediately! The darling towel wrap would have been a  must for the not so modest dorm days.
I needed a bag to carry my pledge items to meetings.  This bag would have been a life saver!  Available in a variety of colors, it's durable design makes it perfect for college co-eds.
Frill Seekers' precious hats are the perfect "sorority girl" gift.  After all, you can't always get up early for class.  If you are running late...just pop on this Greek hat and you are stylin'! Frill Seekers offers all Greek organizations letters and names. 

Need a bulk order for the entire sorority?   
Just give the shop a ring for a discount and details on bulk orders! 850-267-4438
{{special photo credit to Frill Seekers Gifts shopper pictured above, Miss Sam Vaughan!  She is now a Delta Gamma Girl at Auburn!}}

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet the Teacher Treats! Kindergarten Rocks!

Back to School Ideas to impress the teacher!
How precious would your new teacher look in a Frill Seeker's Teacher Rocks t-shirt? {{we shall answer that question for you:  She would look adorable!}}

Our super soft, cotton tees are just the thing for "meet the teacher" night.  The teacher will be so impressed and delighted at your thoughtfulness!

Shirts come in midnight black, chocolate brown and bubblegum pink.  Two styles of shirts are offered.  The first style is a flattering baby doll cut, so bump up one size so it won't be too tight.  The second style is a regular t-shirt.

Our Kindergarten Rocks! and Preschool Rocks! t-shirts are a must for new school children. These shirts are guaranteed to chase away the "I don't wanna go to school" blues.  Pink design is offered for girls and a blue design for the little fellas.  

YES!  Frill Seekers Gifts does offer quantity if you are a principal, teacher, PTA president or mom and want to order several...just give the "paper dolls" at Frill Seekers a ring, or write BULK DISCOUNT in the order note section of your online order and we will be happy to help you. 

Best Wishes for a great new school year. {{ring}} There's the bell, we gotta get to school. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monograms spruce up College Dorm Rooms!

Goodbye parents...Hello dorm room! 

If your student is heading off to college this fall, you simply must make their new "home" personalized and comfy.  This darling bedding sets sure adds a sassy touch to this college student's digs.  The over-stuffed pillow, sports a precious script monogram! YUM!  {thank you Lalie B. for sharing photo}

Monograms can be used in so many ways at college.  Giving the room a touch of class and sass is a must.  How adorable is this jumbo wall monogram.  Wouldn't it just be perfect for over each roommate's bed?

Late nights spent typing reports at the computer would be much more enjoyable if your collegian  had this snazzy personalized mousepad:
Rushing from class to class would actually be fun if your student had a cute monogrammed backpack to fill with books:

The paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts "personally" just adore each and every one of the these fun ideas to make college bound kids life more enjoyable. 

Have you seen a neat idea with a monogram?  We would love to see your favorites! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to School Aprons

The school bell will soon ring...signalling the start of another fun school year!  Go back to school in style with one of our teacher or student aprons!

The most fabulous part of this apron is the adorable personalization on the front panel. Frill Seekers Gifts suggest putting your first name initial in the round circle and then tucking the full name right under.  So cute, so fun, so personalized

What teacher wouldn't love sporting around this stylish apron?  What momma wouldn't love not having to re-wash her little ones Art Class clothes after each project? 

Starting at just $18.99, these would even look great on the the cook of the house. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Frill Seekers Gifts New Location at Destin Commons!

We're "frilled" to announce that the new location of Frill Seekers Gifts is open at Destin's premier shopping venue...Destin Commons on Highway 98, just one block from the beach! Whooo Hoooo!

The response has been amazing.  Incredible in fact.  We knew the locals and tourists wanted another location of the shop...but guys have made our first month nothing short of awesome!  Thank you!

Mention this blog on your next visit and earn FREE Engraving on the Jewelry, Acrylic Entertaining pieces or Sterling Silver collection piece of your choice. 

The Destin Commons location of Frill Seekers Gifts has some items similar to the Baytowne Wharf a whole lot more!  Engraved Giftware, Monogrammed Items, Stationery, Invitations, Coastal Gifts, Beach Towels, Beach Artwork by local artists and sooooo much more. 

Take a "frill" ride and come see us right across from Bass Pro shop next to Tropical Smoothie.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun Custom Cups for a Fun Event!

Don't you just love a challenge?

One of our most favorite clients stopped by the Destin Commons store in search of some fun items for a Family Reunion in Destin. She said the items had to be something that the guests could take back home with them and combine some of the fun activities that they do at the beach.

The paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts jumped at the challenge. 

We asked Miss Dottie some questions and here is what we determined:
~The family loves the Florida Gators so an Orange & Blue color scheme was a must!
~The family enjoys crabbing in the Bay.
~The family travels from all over the US, so Destin should be tied in.
~The family is fun.

The custom printed cups and napkins shown above are what we designed!  Miss Dottie loved them! 

One of the best features of these cups is the fact that they are shatterproof and will go through the dishwasher for about 2 years.  The cups are perfect for around the pool or boating.  Both 16 oz and 20 oz cups are offered. The personalization team has over 40,000 designs/graphics to choose from.

If you have an event approaching, give us a ring or send us an email at and let us create some festive items for your gathering. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monogrammed Waffle Cosmetic Bags

We love brides at Frill Seekers Gifts!  This week alone we've had 2 brides who were getting married at Sandestin on the beach.  Both girls rushed in needing last minute treats for their bridesmaids

Fear not, sweet brides...the Frill Seekers Gifts personalization team sprang into action and whipped up these adorable waffle cosmetic bags with their initials.  How precious! 

Each bag is fully lined with a plastic covering to protect the fabric.  The bags are perfect for a monogram or a full name on the front side.  A fun way to really personalize this item is to add a festive polka dot ribbon to the zipper. 

The price is right on this gift, too!  At just $12.99 per can you go wrong? Add the personalization for just $8.99!  Wow!  Don't you want to say, "I do" want one of these bags, too? 

Give us a ring (ha!) at 850-267-4438 to order. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation Gifts for College Bound Kids

One of our favorite Viking football players, will soon head to south Florida to attend the University of Florida.  We are so proud!  The Frill Seekers Gifts team scurried to find the perfect gift for him. 
The trunk above would make the perfect storage compartment for the dorm.  All 5 sides feature the college's logo and mascot.  Many schools are available: Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Kentucky, FSU, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas...and so many more!
Knowing that high school graduates will have plenty of thank you notes to write, we highly recommend buying your student some college notecards that feature their favorite team.  Again, we just HAD to get these Gator notes.  Ha!

Picking the perfect graduation gift is very easy...just visit:  Frill Seekers Gifts!

Monday, May 24, 2010

F*R*E*E Monogram Decal! Enter to win!

It's Monogram Monday! Which can only mean one thing...time for a giveaway.  Win a Monogram Decal from Frill Seekers Gifts by leaving a comment here on our blog about where you would put your Monogram Decal.  Earn an extra entry by leaving a comment here on our Facebook fan page!  Earn yet another entry by becoming a FAN of Frill Seekers Gifts on Facebook! 

Aren't you "frilled" to get soooo many chances to win? 

These fabulous monogram decals will dress up any surface:  Car windows, dorm rooms, walls, garbage cans, binders, buckets, cell phones, and more!  So cute! So fun-ctional! 

Contest ends: Friday, May 28, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monogram Etiquette

monogram: mon-uh-gram, noun, a sign of identity usually formed of the combined initials of a name.
That's the official word from Webster.  But did you know that monograms were actually created hundreds of years ago as a way for royals to authorize documents and proclamations?  In fact, the famous Charlemagne himself, was unable to write his own name so he drew his monogram instead.  So, today, in honor of all things are a few tips on Monogramming etiquette!
According to Crane's Blue Book of Stationery:  Tiffany edition, the proper initials for a single individual is first name initial, larger last name initial, and middle initial,  (in that order).  So, on the gorgeous sterling silver ring above...Terry Danielle Craft's monogram would look like that. 

The correct initials for married women to use are those which represent her first name, maiden name, and married last name.  If all of the initials are the same size, then they appear in that order.  However, if you are choosing a monogram style where the center initial is larger, then the initial order should be first name, larger married last name initial, and maiden initial.  Therefore, on the insulated tumbler above (which is super cute, we might add!) Heidi Rudiger LoCicero's monogram would look like that.

When  you are using a monogram to incorporate both a husband and wife's initials, the correct order is woman's first name initials, the joint married last name initial (larger), then man's first name initial. The woman's initial always goes first.

{{yummy products available at Frill Seekers Gifts, in Sandestin of course!}}
{{source of info may '10 jcharles newsletter}}   

Friday, May 7, 2010

Graduation Gift Special Sale

As the school year winds down, the mail box quickly fills up with graduation announcements.  Finding the perfect gift for grads can be a challenge.  That is until you shop Frill Seekers Gifts in Sandestin!  Our Towel Wrap Special is something to celebrate. 

Solid color wraps are now $34.00, plus a FREE MONOGRAM.  These are great to do in the graduates school colors. The towel wraps are perfect for dorm or sorority bound students.  Those heading to high school adore this gift, too. 

Towel wraps adorned with ribbon are now $39.00, plus a FREE MONOGRAM!  From sassy zebra stripe ribbon to festive polka dots...your grad will squeal with delight when they receive this useful gift. 

Want to really spoil the graduate?  Consider adding a pair of our matching slippers...with a FREE the towel wrap order. 

What about the boys you ask? Frill Seekers Gifts does offer towel wraps for the fellas, too.  Check out our website for the latest colors and options. 

Hats off to the Class of 2010!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wise Words from Julio Melara...motivator extraordinare' : THE JOY OF LEARNING

{This amazing "Mental Snack" was posted by Julio Melara...we can all learn from his wisdom!}

"Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God, do you learn."

-C.S. Lewis
The Joy of Learning

Over twenty years ago I remember getting the revelation from a book I read that if a person lives to LEARN, then they will learn to LIVE. Ever since that day I decided to be a student of life and its lessons. I have come to understand that one can learn something every day IF one pays attention. Last week I had the opportunity to attend a world class conference with some of the best communicators around the world. I paid lots of attention, listening intently and took some great notes.

Here are a just a few of the ideas and concepts I learned about. Not all of them were new but all FRESH. As I share them with you, I want to challenge you to think about your perspective on these thoughts:

1. Stay small in your own eyes. Always remember that confidence helps you get to the top but humility keeps you there. Don't despise your small beginnings where you are now. Don't compare your life, position or situation to anyone else. One of the speakers said, “Comparison is acid to your soul.” Ouch! If you compare your situation to others, you will only waste your time instead of focusing on your own journey. Stay focused and faithful on your current assignment and in time your reward or promotion will arrive.

2. Extraordinary things happen when ordinary people not only go the EXTRA mile, but also pray. In other words, never whine, complain or make excuses. Always do your BEST and God will take care of the REST! Never underestimate what GOD can do through you. Don't neglect the spiritual power of life.

3. The distance between where we are and our dream coming to pass is PAIN. Most people try and avoid pain but the fact is that if you plan to achieve and accomplish things in life, you cannot avoid it. Don't be naive about pain, adversity and obstacles as you continue to pursue your dream. Pain is not prejudice and visits all of us. The positive thing about pain is that it is a good teacher. Hopefully, we extract the lessons and get stronger with age. Remember, “The difference between where we are now and where we want to be is the pain we are unwilling to endure.”

4. Always live your life with the end in mind - because the end will come. Wow! This is so true. Program your thinking, your relationships, your finances and your life for long-term. Dr. Covey says, "Begin with the end in mind." Too many people think this is just about projects in business or goals in sports but the truth is it is about LIFE. How do you want to be remembered? What is the legacy you are leaving behind every day with people you meet? What type of heritage are you leaving your children?

As I listened for over two days to some great thoughts, I was reminded that none of us should wish for an easy life, but we should work to become better. We shouldn't wish to have no problems, but we should focus on having more skills. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere!
                                                                              Julio Melara

EDITOR'S NOTE:  The Frill Seekers family has the pleasure of calling Julio Melara, "friend." This Godly man is an inspiration to each and everyone he comes in contact with.  Each week he sends out "Mental Snacks" to inspire readers.  Please visit his website: to read more about him or order his books (we have every single one!) or schedule Julio to speak at your next meeting or event or to sign up for his FREE weekly email. (guess it obvious that we are huge fans...right?)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teacher Gifts...Take Note!

It's a well known fact that teachers need lotsa note paper.  Note to mom...Note to office...Note to self...Note not to make a get the point. 

This handy, dandy note paper set includes 300 printed white sheets of paper.  Each sheet is personalized with the school name, teachers name or family name at the bottom and/or repeating around the edges.  The acrylic holder is included, too!  Many ink colors are offered, such as red, black, blue, green, brown, pink and tropic blue.

Brace yourself the price is only $23.99! Show your love for your teachers, your mother or yourself by ordering a set of note paper today from Frill Seekers Gifts.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Custom Business Koozies from Frill Seekers Gifts.

Does your business need an affordable item to promote your company or cause?  If you answered YES...simply let the Frill Seekers Gifts team create a design for you.  Notice that we even print on the bottom of the koozie at no additional charge.  Bulk discounts are offered, too!  Give us a ring for details at 850.267.GIFT

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mountain/Cabin/Lodge Personalized Gifts

WE INTERUPT this SPRING BREAK at the Beach  for a MESSAGE from the MOUNTAINS!

This captivating photograph, was the inspiration for the latest set of fabulous cups and koozies the Frill Seekers Gifts team designed for one of our mountain clients. 

Yep, it's a fact that Frill Seekers Gifts at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort does every kind of personalized gift for beach lovers.  However, we are not just "beach babes!" Our creative design team can whip up something wonderful for almost every part of the world.  In this case, our client, The Scheyd's sent us a few snap shots of their life upon Talking Rock.  The inviting chairs captured our attention and we went to work.

The shatterproof cups, shown at right will go through the dish washer for at least a year. They are both durable and stylish.  Frill Seekers will even send you plastic sleeves to package 10 cups into a little gift item to welcome your guests to your home.  These are great to put on their pillow as a "welcome gift" the first night. 

The koozies, shown left, are a must for savvy entertainers. These will keep cold beverages cold and hot sippers hot. Or should we say...haute?

Our image library of graphic designs consists of over 40,000 pieces of art.  So, if you can dream a "look," the Frill Seekers team can create cups, napkins and koozies for your home or home away from home.

Swoozies Fans:  Frill Seekers Gifts is here to help!  If you liked will be "frilled" to find Personalized Fabulous Finds of every kind at Frill Seekers! Check us out online at:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Personalized Camp Trunks Footlockers

The school year is winding down, which means the preparations to get the kids to CAMP are gearing up!
Being away from home for a month in the summer at great camps such as Camp Desoto, Camp Alpine or Camp Skyline fly by when your camper's set up is personalized and "homey."
Add some style and pizazz to the bunk house with one of Frill Seekers Gifts personalized camp trunks or footlockers as they are known as in the North. Each trunk has 2 secure locks at the front and a fancy, funky name top and center. Camp trunks are available in a rainbow of colors, such as, red, blue, lime green, pink, white, orange and black. The name or monogram on the top can be done in any color your camper's heart desires.
Campers are also lovin' Frill Seeker's shower caddies,
towel wraps for the late night runs to the shower,
cool monogrammed hats to keep the sun at bay, and our ever popular laundry bags...all personalized of course! The great thing about these items are they will be useful long after your worn out camper arrives back at home. Each item can be used year round, too! Make sure your camper shows up in style this year. Get personalized! Get funky! Get fun! Get shopping at Frill Seekers and your worries are DONE!
For those of you who are just finding out about Frill Seekers Gifts...the shop is located on the beautiful Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort's Village of Baytowne Wharf!