Monday, May 10, 2010

Monogram Etiquette

monogram: mon-uh-gram, noun, a sign of identity usually formed of the combined initials of a name.
That's the official word from Webster.  But did you know that monograms were actually created hundreds of years ago as a way for royals to authorize documents and proclamations?  In fact, the famous Charlemagne himself, was unable to write his own name so he drew his monogram instead.  So, today, in honor of all things are a few tips on Monogramming etiquette!
According to Crane's Blue Book of Stationery:  Tiffany edition, the proper initials for a single individual is first name initial, larger last name initial, and middle initial,  (in that order).  So, on the gorgeous sterling silver ring above...Terry Danielle Craft's monogram would look like that. 

The correct initials for married women to use are those which represent her first name, maiden name, and married last name.  If all of the initials are the same size, then they appear in that order.  However, if you are choosing a monogram style where the center initial is larger, then the initial order should be first name, larger married last name initial, and maiden initial.  Therefore, on the insulated tumbler above (which is super cute, we might add!) Heidi Rudiger LoCicero's monogram would look like that.

When  you are using a monogram to incorporate both a husband and wife's initials, the correct order is woman's first name initials, the joint married last name initial (larger), then man's first name initial. The woman's initial always goes first.

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