Monday, September 29, 2008

Hot, Spot, Dot Frames

Perhaps the title of today's blog should have read, "Haute, spot, dot frame!" These precious Frill Seekers Design frames are haute and hot! Kinda makes me wanna sing, the 80's song, "well you're too hot to trot!"

This 5 X 7 frame is adorned with an initial surrounded by color coordinated polka dots. The frame back has a notch for hanging it up or a sturdy arm for sitting it out. Great price point at just $16.99.

Place your order online soon, because when the preppy frame supply is gone, so is this item. After listing it online, we sold a record number to one client in the great state of Alabama. (by the way, congrats on the Crimson Tide's big win this weekend.)

WINNER ALERT! We have winner on our FREE giveaway for BLOG readers. The winner is...(drum roll)...Ashley. Our personalization team will be contacting you this week. Congrats. Keep the comments coming and thanks for sharing our BLOG with so many of your friends.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doin' it Doggie Style---personalized, that is!

********************************************************************DOG-GONE CUTE GIFTS!Frill Seekers Gifts has gone to the dogs. It's true one of best selling categories has long been our personalized pet gifts. These items are purr-fect for cats, too.

The first photo features handsome, Rex LoCicero, sniffing his new Christmas ornament. Precious stocking stuffer for your pooch.

The second photo is Rex's BFF, CoCo, sporting her new bandanna. The Frill Seekers personalization team will be adding her monogram to it this morning.

The third photo is our bling bone charm. Personalized with the pup or kitty's name and phone number...just in case...they can't find their way home after a night in the dog house!

The fourth photo shows our Treat Tin. Great to store your cat's treats in. Cute enough to leave out on the counter.

The final photo is our We Woof You A Merry Christmas card. Yes, you've now seen it all. This card ranks as the staff favorite.

To order: shop online at WOOF! MEOW!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wicked Cute Halloween Buckets

These spooky Halloween buckets can be used for virtually anything from adding a mysterious touch to a house plant for the holiday to holding your loot when you go trick-or-treating.

The first 2 plastic pails have a sturdy rope handle that we garnish with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon. A Halloween motif, such as a spooky spider, haunted tree or friendly ghost will be added to the bucket along with a name. One of our favorite buckets had simple black polka dots and the child's name.

The last photo features our new Spooky galvanized buckets that are covered in faBOOlous fabric. Have the fabric monogrammed for a personal touch. Available in 2.5 quart (4.74" tall x 7" diameter) and 5 quart (6.5" tall x 8.25" diameter). Choose from one of our four eerie fabrics to best match your style.

BOO! We don't mean to scare you, but these sell out fast. Get your little goblins order placed today.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mommy Manager

Organize your busy week with the Mommy Manager!

This set is custom made for the busy mom who needs to keep it all under control. Featuring a weekly calendar pad, a note from "Mom" pad, a shopping list pad and a pad to give instructions or notes. This is the perfect gift for friend who has it all and seems to do it all!

Everytime we ship a set of these, we get a few more orders from the same town. It seems one mom sends a note to school on a piece of paper and then all of the other mom's see it and HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Four different pads, 100 sheets each, personalized in black ink or pink paper in clear acrylic holder.
Price: $47.99

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun Fall Handbag

It happened this morning! The air here at beach turned a slight bit cooler. Now, I can just hear our Northern customers giggling, but seriously it is only 86 degrees here today. Heaven after a hot summer of scorching *ELL!

The cool breeze inspired me to put out all of our fall handbags and to freshen up the orange, yellow and brown fall leaves to decorate our windows with. Frill Seekers is starting to "fall" into a new season whether the rest of the Gulf Coast is ready or not.

This new fall handbag is adorable. I WILL be sporting it at the first LSU game I attend. This large natural straw handbag has fun wood beaded and straw handles and features a faux leather snap closure and hang tag (3.5" x 5") that beautifully displays your monogram. It is large enough to fit everything you need to carry and has a large center pocket with zip closure to help keep you organized. Champagne Sydney embroidery shown. 14" x 4" x 11" with 10" handles. The best part? It's fully lined.

To see additional styles for fall go to

Friday, September 12, 2008

Calling all Bloggers!

We were "frilled" tickled pink to open our email this morning with a kind note from a blogger who had featured both of our Florida shops, Frill Seekers Gifts and Tales by the Sea, on her blog! It got us to thinking---why don't we offer an incentive to our loyal readers/clients/friends who have blogs and want to feature some of our products?

Thus, a great idea was born. If you would like to mention or feature some of our wonderful items on you blog, just send us an email at, put BLOG in the subject line and tell us what you'd like to feature. Our creative team will send you some ideas on how to get started.

If you do not have a blog, but read blogs, then you'll be happy to know that we will reward you, too. Just email some of your favorite blogs and tell them about us and send us a copy. You can also send us the address of your favorite blogs and we'll contact them.

The entire staff of Frill Seekers Gifts is "frilled" to serve our customers. We would not be successful without your support in the shop and/or online. We are amazed at the success of this little shop nestled on the sandy shores of Sandestin, Florida. Our promise to you, is that we will continue to amaze you with great products, awesome service and a fun shop.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monogram Golf Cart Goodies

(conversation overheard at the Birmingham Country Club)

Muffy: Blair have you been to the country club this week?

Blair: No, I haven't. I was having some work done.

Muffy: On your car?

Blair: No, dear. On my face. Why? What's new at the club?

Muffy: What's new? Well, I can't believe you haven't heard! Everyone and I do mean everyone at the club has ordered a monogram for their golf carts from some shop down in Florida called, Frill Seekers Gifts! They are precious.

Blair: Well, I guess I should have considered getting a "lift" for my golf cart's appearance instead of my own. Now I'll be the last at the club to get it done.

Muffy: Lucky you! I felt sorry for you---being bandaged up like Michael Jackson so, I ordered you one as a treat from and check out the photo---it looks mighty good, if I do say so myself.

Blair: I declare! You are the best friend, evah! By the way, Muffy, did you happen to order one for my car, too? Just checking!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dot to Trot!

Polka Dot HandbagBack in the day, we used to sing along to the song, "Too hot to trot." To get your Monday off to a good start...we're changin' the words to: "Too dot to trot!" Yeah baby! Woo!

This fun handbag is too haute to trot
in our opinion. The wooden handles fit perfectly over the arm or shoulder. Fun dots are speckled around the jute bag. A single letter monogram completes the look. The sample here is shown in curlz font. We have other choices as far as colors go on the website. Order now, supplies of this haute bag are running out.

Now go put on your 1980's leg warmers, tease up your hair and you will be ready to boogie with your new bag.