Thursday, February 28, 2008


Spring Break '08 is going to be great!

Whew! Well, folks here on the Emerald Coast are sighing with relief! Why? Because we made it to Spring Break '08. Believe me, while you guys are all in your home states doing your real life things...we are sitting along the seashore praying (literally!) for your return. It's here---finally---and the paper dolls at frill seekers gifts can't WAIT to see you!

What's new and great for 2008? Our jumbo sizes beach towels, of course! These plush terry cloth beach towels are darling with your name or monogram front and center. Pick a towel color: tangerine, really red, seaside blue, lime green,nautical navy, white or sunshine yellow. We have lotsa new thread colors to add a splash or dash of color to your new towel. If you are a low key kinda beach girl, do a tone on tone monogram. There are also several new motifs to pick from: palm tree, sports balls, flip flops, flowers, etc.

These would be precious with your beach house, boat, or pool name on them. Great for campers to take on the road this summer.

Turnaround time on the towels is an unbelievable 4 working days! Towels with a monogram cost just $28.99.

Time for the beach and time to order.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love this Lunch Box!

This lunch box rocks!

My son Andrew's favorite part of pre-school was lunch! Not just regular lunch mind you...but the part called, "Lunch Bunch!" This was when the busy mom's would willingly leave their kiddos at pre-school for an extra hour or so to tend to important appointments. Noooooooooooo, not the doctor or kindergarten entry interviews...more like a tennis match or some power shopping! Regardless of the mommy task at hand, Andrew loved to be a part of Lunch Bunch.

His favorite part, besides getting an extra hour of play-time, was packing his very own lunch. Andrew, who is now a seasoned middle schooler, reminded me of his Lunch Bunch days when these new Custom Lunch Boxes appeared on the Frill Seekers Gifts shelves and website. He said, "whoa, those lunch boxes rock! Wish I would have had one of those in pre-school!" I instantly knew these little boxes would soon move up to our "unofficial" offical hot item list.

Check out the designs at in the Kool Kids Gift section. Many designs are shown, such as Firetruck, Polka Dots, Froggie, Stripes, and Sports. The boxes are made with a sturdy handle and a lock and snap closure.

This is a great item to take along when your little one is going to church or to a restaurant. Simply pack their crayons and some paper and wha-la---you have an art case.

Great gift for any age boy or girl. One cute Frill Seeker Momma ordered one to carry her goodies in each day to her medical office. Awww, cute. I bet it's just what the doctor ordered....a lunch box that rocks!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines Gifts '08

You'll LOVE our Valentine Gift Ideas for 2008!

It's a day known to "spread the love!" It's a day known to add sizzle to the most frigid of relationships. It's the day known as Valentine's Day.

Isn't it time that you show your love to someone with a personalized gift from Frill Seekers Gifts? You know the gift will be a hit, because it has your sweetie's name or initals right there front and center on the gift. COOL huh?

Red, Pink or Black tote bags would make an ideal gift for the one you love. A heart bracelet would do the trick. A camp/college trunk would add some magic to your love's day. A calendar to keep your wife organized would be perfect.

It's easy,just like cupid draws back his shiny arrow---all you need to do is draw back your shiny Am Ex card and place an order.

See that was painless and you're now feelin' the love. Ohhhh, that's nice!

www.frillseekersgifts. is the place to shop! Tell them we sent ya!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heart Bracelet for Valentines!

Your Sweetie will LOVE this gift!

Roses are red! Violets are blue! Give someone you love this sterling silver heart bracelet and their love for you will be TRUE!

I know, I know...that's not exactly how the old verse goes, but it works well with my blog. The verse has been changed many times over the years to reflect love and passion. Take it from me---it's even been changed by school kids to cause duress. When I was a mere 6th grader at St. Christopher School in the New Orleans area my "boyfriend" at the time scribbled the following in my yearbook: Roses are red, violets are green, Heidi sounds like a washing machine! Imagine! I thought it was true love. Eeeek, what a jerk.

On serious note, this sterling silver bracelet would make a sweet treat for your daughter, friend, wife, secretary, BFF or Y*O*U! The best part is the Engraving is F*R*E*E until Valentine's Day AND you get a free silver plated heart jewelry box, too!

The bracelet comes in several sizes and you can choose your engraving style. Just go to our website: and place your order, sweetie!