Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Labor Day and Gustav is coming!

Well, you KNOW it's bad when even the dolphins are "jumping to evacuate!"

Seriously, it's been a wild day here at the beach. The hurricane is what a better time for a SALE? Just order any item on our website:
and put: HURRICANE SALE in the Order Note box and
get 20% OFF
the items on the order. NO LIMIT!

Please keep our family and customers in Louisiana in your prayers. We are bracing for this storm as we speak. So much for relaxing on Labor Day, huh? The Frill Seekers family has been getting the home front ready for our evacuees from Louisiana who will arrive shortly.

Hope your day was restful! Now, go shop and save!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Frill Seekers named "Best of the Beach!"

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN! All national and international media on high alert!
Frill Seekers Gifts of Sandestin named: "Best of the Beach!"

As our 15 year old daughter would say, "OMG!" Yes, OMG, Frill Seekers Gifts, Sandestin location was recognized by our precious shoppers in Birmingham, Alabama as one of the
best places to shop in Destin, Florida!
To say the "paper dolls and guys" are excited would be an understatement. We are F*R*E*A*K*I*N out!

First, we want to thank our loyal Birmingham shoppers & VIP's! One of our favorite clients came in to tell us (important note: when you read this next line, you should project your best deep Southern gentile accent)"that she was at the Birmingham Country Club and all the ladies around the pool were just ravin' about a neat store in Sandestin, called Frill Seekers Gifts." She said she just laughed and told all of them that SHE was a regular and even had her credit card on file at the shop for regular purchases shipped right to her home!

Oh, the country club ladies were stunned, they did NOT know you could do such a thing. They all excused themselves to different locations around the pool and called Frill Seekers and INSISTED that their credit cards also be listed ASAP in the VIP book for future orders. D-O-N-E! When they returned poolside, they all just smiled at each other knowing that they were now VIP's at the shop known as "Best of the Beach!" Humpf! (true story)

We love our clients! That's for sure.
BIRMINGHAM BONUS: 20% OFF item of choice if you have a Birmingham ship to address. NOTE: BIRM BONUS in order note section now thru Monday to redeem.

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Coasting" through Tropical Storm Fay!

Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you for the calls and emails wondering if Frill Seekers Gifts "coasted" through Tropical Storm Fay! The shop did f-i-n-e! So, fine, in fact, that we are offering our
coasters shown here 20% OFF
until this Friday. When you order, simply note: FAY in the order notes section. How simple?

The best news? We'll give one set away F*R*E*E this Friday! Just post a comment here with your email so we can notify you when you win.

These coasters are a must here along the coast. They are also a practical gift for the person who has it all. Made from a nice, durable card stock, they are super absorbent. They can be used over and over. Great color choices are shown. The best way to store them is to order the acrylic holder. Reasonable price point and high perceived value.

Order now at and remember earn 20% OFF by noting: FAY in the Order Note section!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Toile Stationery from Frill Seekers Gifts by Heidi Locicero Baton Rouge, LA

Divine Stationery!
Hmmmm. Pink or Blue? What should I do? What the heck! At this price, I'll order a little of both!

When you receive a handwritten note on beautiful stationery, you know that the person sending the correspondence is both thoughtful and well mannered. In today's fast paced, technnology obessesed culture, when a hand written letter appears in your mailbox, your heart races with anticipation. You wonder...just who...would take the time to send you glad tidings. It truly shows you were being thought of fondly.

Selecting stationery can be challenging with so many nice papers on the market. This toile set cuts right to the heart of fine stationery. The matching acrylic note holder is a nice addition to any desk or bedside table.

BLOG SPECIAL $$$: call the shop to order either of these items thru Monday, August 18, 2008 and earn 15% OFF! Just mention this blog coupon. (see it does pay to read our blog!)

The details:
Specify pink or blue toile color for folded notes and memo sheets with your first or full name in brown script. For 5.5" x 4.25" notes, specify up to 28 characters/spaces for personalization, and if desired, up to three lines of 32 characters/spaces per line for return address on envelopes. For 4.25" x 6.5" memo sheets in acrylic holder, specify up to 26 characters/spaces for personalization.
$65.00 for set of 25 printed cards and envelopes
$39.99 for 200 sheet of note paper with acrylic holder

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get organized this school year! written by Heidi Locicero

Best Calendar evah!

When Mr. Frigidere first invented the refrigerator, I'm certain that he had NO idea that it would eventually become a photo gallery of sorts. It seems obvious that he thought it was merely to chill the food and ice the meat and milk.

Fast forward to Mr. Kodak, who made taking photos a national pastime---and---whala! What a great place to put photos and your weekly calendar...a la refrigerator!

This fabulous calendar is personalized and comes with 2 handy super duper magnets to adhere right to the front of the fridge. Great for back to school. Here's the scoop:

Set of two personalized calendar pads, 30 sheets each, helps keep track of family activities.

• Magnet backs for posting on refrigerator (may not adhere to every type of refrigerator).

• Personalized with last name and up to three first names, in black ink.
• 8.5" x 11".
• Proudly made in the good old USA.

Priced to sell at just $39.99 plus shipping. FREE personalization. To order log on to:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Funky Shirts for Back to School by Heidi Locicero Baton Rouge LA

Why is it that summer flies by, but the school year drags on? I really wanna know! These children are so happy it must be summertime.

This school year will not be a drag if your little one sports one of our funky t-shirts!
What child wouldn't love a fun colored t-shirt with their name front and center?
Or how about one that states, "Kindergarten Rocks!" The best one we shipped last week said, "Preschool Rocks!" Soooo cute.

Another cool option for sports fans, is to have your name printed on a white t-shirt in your favorite teams colors. A tiger fan could order purple and gold. A Bama boy could order crimson red. You get the point.

One of our favorite clients from Kentucky, Kari Guiler Kirn, ordered a shirt for each of her kiddos and took their Christmas card photo in them. It was P*R*E*C*I*O*U*S! I'll dig up a photo for you guys to see.

Get creative!