Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Frill Seekers named "Best of the Beach!"

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN! All national and international media on high alert!
Frill Seekers Gifts of Sandestin named: "Best of the Beach!"

As our 15 year old daughter would say, "OMG!" Yes, OMG, Frill Seekers Gifts, Sandestin location was recognized by our precious shoppers in Birmingham, Alabama as one of the
best places to shop in Destin, Florida!
To say the "paper dolls and guys" are excited would be an understatement. We are F*R*E*A*K*I*N out!

First, we want to thank our loyal Birmingham shoppers & VIP's! One of our favorite clients came in to tell us (important note: when you read this next line, you should project your best deep Southern gentile accent)"that she was at the Birmingham Country Club and all the ladies around the pool were just ravin' about a neat store in Sandestin, called Frill Seekers Gifts." She said she just laughed and told all of them that SHE was a regular and even had her credit card on file at the shop for regular purchases shipped right to her home!

Oh, the country club ladies were stunned, they did NOT know you could do such a thing. They all excused themselves to different locations around the pool and called Frill Seekers and INSISTED that their credit cards also be listed ASAP in the VIP book for future orders. D-O-N-E! When they returned poolside, they all just smiled at each other knowing that they were now VIP's at the shop known as "Best of the Beach!" Humpf! (true story)

We love our clients! That's for sure.
BIRMINGHAM BONUS: 20% OFF item of choice if you have a Birmingham ship to address. NOTE: BIRM BONUS in order note section now thru Monday to redeem.

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