Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get organized this school year! written by Heidi Locicero

Best Calendar evah!

When Mr. Frigidere first invented the refrigerator, I'm certain that he had NO idea that it would eventually become a photo gallery of sorts. It seems obvious that he thought it was merely to chill the food and ice the meat and milk.

Fast forward to Mr. Kodak, who made taking photos a national pastime---and---whala! What a great place to put photos and your weekly calendar...a la refrigerator!

This fabulous calendar is personalized and comes with 2 handy super duper magnets to adhere right to the front of the fridge. Great for back to school. Here's the scoop:

Set of two personalized calendar pads, 30 sheets each, helps keep track of family activities.

• Magnet backs for posting on refrigerator (may not adhere to every type of refrigerator).

• Personalized with last name and up to three first names, in black ink.
• 8.5" x 11".
• Proudly made in the good old USA.

Priced to sell at just $39.99 plus shipping. FREE personalization. To order log on to:

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