Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting organized can be fun!

Whew! Mondays and Wednesdays dance team practice with Peyton. Tuesdays and Thursdays basketball practice with Andrew. Friday mornings Obedience School with Rex (not going so well!) Saturdays tennis with Brian. Sundays church...pray to get through another week.

If this sounds like your life and you are wondering how a busy mom like me, keeps it all together, read on...

Order one of Frill Seekers Gifts "Wipe and Erase" Calendars. This fabulous find comes in tons of colors and several designs. Check out the options on our website at and you'll be hooked.

Three different sizes are available.Small is about the size of a phone book, medium is like a big pizza box and the large is the size of a piece of poster paper. Each calendar/planner comes with 2 grommet holes at the top for easy hanging. Another saavy Frill Seeker shopper took her calendar to the frame shop and had it framed to match her kitchen. Great idea.

This is the perfect gift for those who have everything or need to be everywhere. Let us know what you think!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shatterproof Cups for Entertainers!

(Note from the blogger)
Brrrrr! Baby it's cold outside---even here, along the sunny shores of Sandestin, Florida. Believe it or not, the temps dipped into the low 30's last night. (I hear our northern customers laughing---like "you think THAT's cold?) Anyway, the paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts thought we'd tempt you with some delightful beach finds for the next few days to get you in a "toasty" coastal mood!

Haute, Spot, Dot Cups!

Entertaining has become a national pastime. When the Friday whistle blows at 5:00 p.m. its time to head to the lake house, beach house, backyard pool, friend's homes or favorite sporting event, right? Savvy entertainers KNOW that you simply cannot entertain friends with boring out-of-style cups.

Our shatterproof cups shown here are selling as quick as we can print them. The 16 ounce size fits perfect in cup holders on boats, as well. Our website shows may different motifs, designs and colors, but my fav is the polka dot combo shown here.

Simply pick a color for the polka dots and a color for your name and we'll make'em up for you. School colors look awesome like blue and orange for Auburn or purple and gold for LSU! The best part about these they will go through your dishwasher for over a year and still look pristine.

Many beach homeowners get the name of their coastal home or condo on the cup and give a dozen to their guests as a welcome gift! Have your own boat or jet? Check out our nautical and aviation designs. We can do almost anything on these babies!

Two color shatterproof cups are sold in sets of 100 for about $130. Matching napkins can also be ordered.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes---picture yourself and a few girlfriends relaxing upon the warm sugar white sands of the Emerald Coast with a custom printed cup. Ooh girl you look good and toasty.

To order: visit

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lions! Tigers! and...Giraffes??? Oh, my!

Lions! Tigers! And a giraffe print insulated Lunch Tote...Oh my!

It's a new year and supposedly a new you, right? Well, if you are like most of the "paper dolls" at Frill Seekers Gifts, your #1 resolution was to lose weight and eat healthier.

It sounds so easy...

1. get up an hour earlier to walk or go to the gym (check)

2. pick out adorable work out outfit, so you look hot and haute (check)

3. pack your healthy lunch in a swanky stylish lunch tote (what's that--- you ask?)

Just take a gander at the super cute, super stylish insulated lunch tote above. It is roomy enough to fit a Lean Cuisine box, 2 snacks and a bottled water. This darling bag also has 2 outer pockets to hold your napkin and utensils. The handles are sturdy, which helps when your co-workers try to snatch the bag right out of your hungry little hands.

The best part is the lunch tote can be personalized with your name or initials. Several styles are available: giraffe, zebra, pink & chocolate Paris pattern, teal & chocolate brown plaid, white & black plaid. Visit our website in the Bags Section to place your order today! You really won't believe how stylish and skinny you'll look and feel when toting this lunch tote! Enjoy!

To order a lunch tote on our website, click here:

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year and New Beginnings!

It's a New Year and a new beginning for the paper dolls at
Frill Seekers Gifts.

After many requests (and a few demands!) we are diving into the world of "Blogging" to keep you "frilled" and entertained by all of the new gifts we find, create or discover. We've treat you to fun photos of our staff, our products and our store. We'll even offer BLOG only coupons for you to redeem on our website.

We want this to be a stylish, swanky blog to charm and delight you. Let us know what you think!

Our favorite new item that is a MUST for the New Year is a set of our heavy weight coasters. These are packaged in sets of 100 with an acrylic holder. The best part is---they can be personalized with your initials, beach house, family name or catchy phrase. There are lots of colors to choose from and these super absorbent coasters can be used many times.

This year I even used the coasters for "gift tags" on all of my Holiday gifts. I wrote a "to" and "from" on the edge of the outer circle. They were the talk of town.

Many styles can be spotted on our website at