Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting organized can be fun!

Whew! Mondays and Wednesdays dance team practice with Peyton. Tuesdays and Thursdays basketball practice with Andrew. Friday mornings Obedience School with Rex (not going so well!) Saturdays tennis with Brian. Sundays church...pray to get through another week.

If this sounds like your life and you are wondering how a busy mom like me, keeps it all together, read on...

Order one of Frill Seekers Gifts "Wipe and Erase" Calendars. This fabulous find comes in tons of colors and several designs. Check out the options on our website at and you'll be hooked.

Three different sizes are available.Small is about the size of a phone book, medium is like a big pizza box and the large is the size of a piece of poster paper. Each calendar/planner comes with 2 grommet holes at the top for easy hanging. Another saavy Frill Seeker shopper took her calendar to the frame shop and had it framed to match her kitchen. Great idea.

This is the perfect gift for those who have everything or need to be everywhere. Let us know what you think!

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heidi at frill seekers gifts & tales by the sea said...

I love my wipe n erase calender. I ordered the blueberry and pink and hung it in my locker at school. Great price, too. Thanks.