Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wine Down with our College Wine & Beer Glasses

Cheers! This weekend marks Sandestin's 23rd Wine Fest on the beautiful resort we call home! Picture thousands of guests strolling the cobble stone streets, tasting international wines, nibbling on fine cheese and socializing with friends. The weather today is gorgeous---clear, blue skies with a slight beach breeze!

What's the hot selling item for this year? Frill Seekers Gifts hand painted College Wine and Beer Glasses. Look how festive:

Geaux Tigers get a Beer!

No "wining" Georgia...your team is great!

Raise a glass to Bama!

Schools offered: Tennessee, LSU, FSU, Georgia, UNC, Alabama, Auburn, USC, Kentucky, Arkansas, & more!

To order call the shop! We haven't even had a moment to add these to our website. 850-267-GIFT (4438)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personalized Party Tubs & Koozies

We're gonna party like it's 1999! So, if you are now humming the Prince song, we know you KNOW how to party! I remember 1999.

I just wish these Party Tubs were available back in the old days. There are so many things I could have used the tub for:

Drinks (duh!)
Books in sorority house
Catch all in kids rooms
Towels in Bathroom
Magazines & more!

Graduates will find these very useful for college days, while momma's will find a hundred more ways to use them.

The koozies pictured here are a new addition. Order them in your team or school colors. This will keep stray lips off of the beverage of your choice. {{nice!}}

After all, wouldn't these koozies look good in the drink holders of your "Little Red Corvette?" Owwww!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We have a WINNER & a Fabulous New Item!

Drum Roll puh-lease! We have a winner...our 100th Blog Post winner is:
{{Email us your preference, please!}}

Stop your whining. Why didn't you win? Because you didn't enter, my dear. She did...and what did she win...this Polka Dot Bamboo Bag!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway!

What's new in the shop this week? Our fabulous Ice Buckets So "fab" for picnics, boats, college or entertaining. The acrylic bucket is nestled in neoprene fabric with a snazzy monogram. So cute, huh?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our 100th Blog Post & a Contest!

Today marks a special day for Frill Seekers Gifts. Today our team will post the 100th blog about our shop. Blogging has become a fun, fabulous way to keep, you, our loyal customers (and other shop owners, who check us out constantly!) informed on the hip happenings that will "frill" them to pieces.

Your comments, feedback, suggestions and patronage are gifts beyond measure. So, thank you, and you, and you! To thank you just a little bit more...leave a comment on this post. Detail which of our items "frill" you the most. We'll pick a winner on Sunday. Want an extra entry??? Post a blurb about Frill Seekers Gifts on your blog, FACEBOOK page or twitter and get an extra entry for each!

We love you all, we really do!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The bunny wuz here!

We are here...yet again...surrounded by empty Easter candy wrappers, ear-less chocolate rabbits and cartons of malted milk ball eggs...yum! We are also surrounded by fabulous NEW items to adorn your spring flings! The bunny left some neat treats at Frill Seekers Gifts:

Pink Pony Polka Dot Note cards, personalized of course! {{try to say that 3 times!}}

You'll find the coveted Rhinestone Koozie in every letter of the alphabet!

NEW Wild Zebra Koozies! A necessity for the beverage of your choice!

And a post Easter Surprise! The paparazzi caught a glimpse of that elusive, hip, hoppin' show stoppin' "girl next door"---our very own Frill Seekers bunny!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Everything & a WINNER!

So, you have to buy another gift for the person who has everything...huh? Take the stress out of the hunt AND cover yourself for future gift giving gatherings. Our Happy Everything Platter is the perfect gift. The jumbo platter comes with a handy Velcro panel at the top, which is where the "attachments" will hang. (Attachments are the interchangable pieces that celebrate each holiday or season.)

The platter will come with a cake, FREE! Then each time you need to give "Miss Has Everything" a just give her some new attachments to add to her Happy Everything platter set. For Christmas you can give her the Christmas Tree or Santa...for Easter give her a bunny...for the summer give her a martini and a flip flop attachment. See---how easy was that? When you are not using your platter to serve on, we suggest standing it on an easel for a festive display.

Also pictured above are some best sellers from our hand painted line. The aprons are a fabulous hostess gift. These items are designed to coordinate with the Happy Everything platter.


Our fabulous friend at the Gifting Gumshoe was the lucky winner of our FREE MONOGRAMMED UMBRELLA! She always features her favorite Frill Seekers Gifts items on her blog. Congrats and Thank you for entering.

Another give away that you will love is coming up!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Embosser for Letters

In today's world, technology has brought forth a desire for instant, fast, often impersonal forms of communicating. {{helloooo...facebook/texting/email?}} But, like fast food, just because it's fast doesn't necessarily mean it's good.

One thing that will never be replaced in terms of the emotional connection, is that of a hand written note. A lovely, heart felt note can make the heart skip a beat. The thoughtful gesture of sitting down to express your gratitude, thoughts or simply to say hello will never be a "thing of the past."

The stationery is the first impression a recipient gets of your correspondence. Speaking of impressions...the return address...when embossed on the back flap of an envelope, certainly leaves an impression. {{pun, fully intended!}}
Embossing is the art of using pressure to apply a design or series of letters into a surface. Frill Seekers Gift's embossers can be personalized in many ways. The most popular use is on the return address of envelopes. The second use, which is gaining popularity is to use your embosser to imprint napkins. Your personalized embosser can also be used to create gift tags, gift wrap and unique stationery.

These durable embossers will allow you to make a lasting impression, not just on your letters, but on your creativity.

To order call Frill Seekers Gifts at 850-267-GIFT

Friday, April 3, 2009

Personalized Graduation Gifts

Soon your mailbox will be filled with graduation invitations from near and far. Not to worry...they don't want you to come to the graduation ceremony...they'd just like a nice gift.

Your gift selection should be memorable, unique and reasonably priced. The engraved silver plated items shown here would be perfect. Both high school and college graduates will find these useful as they undertake their new endeavors. College and/or sorority letters can be added, too.

The engraving on our fabulous line of silver plated gifts will be FREE for a limited time. So, don't delay---get your grads gifts today.

Did you enter to win our MONOGRAMMED UMBRELLA yet?
If not, check out yesterday's post and get your name entered in. You can't beat FREE!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Umbrella FREE Monogram! Win a Free Umbrella offer!

Buy an Umbrella...get it monogrammed FREE!

{{yes, it's still raining at the beach}}
Rihanna sings it best! Hey! Hey! Hey! Look our um-b-rellas. If you love preppy monogrammed gifts...then its high time you order one of these. No preppy goddess would be caught in a down pour without her initialed umbrella. Folds down to travel size and has a spring action opening mechanism. Several delicious colors to choose from. The border around each solid color is a yummy mocha brown color. The leopard, zebra and black print are NEW! For a limited time get a FREE Monogram! Great gift for graduation, teachers, Mother's Day, birthdays, etc!

Want to win a FREE umbrella and FREE monogram? Post a blog about this on your FACEBOOK page, Blog, Twitter, or MySpace and leave a comment here with the link---you'll then be entered to win! Simple! Entries must be received by 4-7-09!