Monday, April 13, 2009

The bunny wuz here!

We are here...yet again...surrounded by empty Easter candy wrappers, ear-less chocolate rabbits and cartons of malted milk ball eggs...yum! We are also surrounded by fabulous NEW items to adorn your spring flings! The bunny left some neat treats at Frill Seekers Gifts:

Pink Pony Polka Dot Note cards, personalized of course! {{try to say that 3 times!}}

You'll find the coveted Rhinestone Koozie in every letter of the alphabet!

NEW Wild Zebra Koozies! A necessity for the beverage of your choice!

And a post Easter Surprise! The paparazzi caught a glimpse of that elusive, hip, hoppin' show stoppin' "girl next door"---our very own Frill Seekers bunny!

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