Monday, March 30, 2009

Camp Trunks for the Boys!

Take a deep breath...breathe in, breathe out. You can almost "smell" the scent of summer camp starting to breeze through the early spring air. As school winds down, the summer camps start gearing up. {{squeal with delight}} Which can only mean one thing...

It's time to order your camp supplies. Frill Seekers Gifts often features the girly kinda camp goods. You know, polka dot trunks, swirly clip boards, and funky note cards. But, what about the boys? Isn't there anything suitable for the guys to take up the mountain, down South or cross country?

Why, sure there is! These camp trunks are just the thing! Many NCAA school are offered: Kentucky, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, etc. If you don't see your team, just call us.

These trunks are super sturdy and can be used in your child's room or playroom when not at camp. Nice to store sports items in, off-season clothing or toys. They even come with built in wheels for easy travel.

Clipboards, note cards and duffel bags are also now in stock. Remember, summer camp is your little one's home away from, make sure it's a cozy, fun reminder of the good times back at your house.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


What's your Obsession?

Recently, I was asked to write the biographies of the Best Dressed Candidates for Baton Rouge's Best Dressed Ball 2009. This year's theme is OBSESSIONS...what's yours?

So, it got me thinking...what IS my obsession? Besides the obvious: my hubby, my children, my stores...what am I obsessed with?

PUPPIES, DOGGIES, HOUNDS! "That's it," I exclaimed, with no one around to cheer me on! These cuties belong to one of my favorite bloggers, Magnolias, Marriage & Manhattan. Look at that little one...soooo cute.
My obsession with pooches is likely what inspired me to add a Personalized Pet section to the Frill Seekers Gifts website. Click to view new items!
This pug is so cute, who cares that he's chewing your Prada Boot?
I shoulda known! I like all kinds of dogs...

I love that canines are loyal, supportive and adorable. For the most, part pups give you unconditional love and admiration. This is King Rex below...he's my guy! My paws-itively perfect obsession.
OBSESSION...What's yours? Tell me! Leave a comment.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fabulous Personalized Gifts

Best seller alert!
For the third month in a row, our hand-made, hand painted pottery has been the best seller! Not surprising since just about every occasion is covered in this line. From new babies, house warming, parties and weddings, our pottery is personalized and perfect for giving.

Each piece can be drop shipped to the address of your choice. A gift card can be enclosed with your message, too.

We'd love to hear from you to see what piece is your favorite! Leave us a comment!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amazing Easter

Easter Baskets Personalized & a Surprise!
It's amazing how Facebook works! Today, one of my AOII sorority sisters, Rebecca, found me on the FACEBOOK site. She left me some sweet comments...checked out our website...then immediately called the shop to order the darling Easter Baskets, (shown here) for her little chick, Gracyn!

"I just had to have one of those cute baskets for my little girl," exclaimed Rebecca. The Frill Seekers team couldn't agree more. Our new baskets are perfect for so many occasions. We are really considering offering them after Easter as well.

What do you guys think? Wouldn't these be great to give as birthday gifts, filled with art supplies or toys? Wouldn't it be nice to put a bride's new last name on...and fill it with a cookbook, recipe and kitchen utensils? What would you use it for?

The other truly amazing thing that happened today at the shop is pictured here:

Late this afternoon, the heavens above Frill Seekers glistened with a freshly formed rainbow. WOW! This rainbow was just sitting above the shop twinkling. It was an amazing site and an amazing sign of promise. Spring is here! That's gotta mean the shop is a pot 'o gold...right?

PS: If you are on FACEBOOK---let's be "friends."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Personalized Easter Baskets & Baby Booties

Hop to it and order a personalized Easter Basket for your little chick or honey bunny! What makes this item "eggs-tra" special...why, the monogramming of course!

Available in 3 gingham colors, pink, blue and green, these baskets can be used long after Easter. Pop in some books or store stuffed animals inside. This basket would be great to nestle a bunch of cute monogrammed baby gifts in!

Speaking of Baby Gifts...Just look at these new personalized baby booties Frill Seekers Gifts just got in! They are just darling and are guaranteed to become and heirloom. The girly booties are monogrammed in script, while the baby boy booties are fancied up with a block style. Talk about C-U-T-E! The booties are only $14.99 and $9.00 to monogram.

Call the shop to order these "eggs-citing" new arrivals. Hop to it! {{NOW!}}

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One more day to GET LUCKY (with the discount!)

My "paws-itively" precious nephew, Mr. Cruiser Goss of New York City just got lucky! He used his LUCKY DISCOUNT code to buy his momma a new beach bag!

You can get lucky, too! Spread the word...the DISCOUNT CODE for 20% OFF ENTIRE order is still valid today! Shop and save. You deserve it! {{wink, wink}} Code can be found on yesterday's BLOG post.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Get lucky! Get Shopping! Discount code good thru 3-20-09. Enjoy!

Tell your friends! Tell your office! Tell everyone!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Easter Invites and Delights!

HOP TO IT! Easter is just a few weeks away...which means its time to plan an "egggs-citing" event for your little bunnies and chicks.

The invitation sets the theme and tone of a gathering. Choose from one of these "eggs-travagant" invitations. Let Frill Seekers Gifts print them and address your envelopes.

Complete the theme with matching napkins and cups...personalized of course.

It's time to "Spring" for a few treats for the season! Darling personalized Easter baskets are bouncing off the shelves and into homes everywhere.

PS: If your kiddos have snazzy new outfits for Easter Sunday...snap a pic of them and order one of our photo cards to send to friends near and far. After all, photo cards are NOT just for Christmas anymore.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Personalized Items for your Company!

Are sales sluggish for your company? Don't fret...promote yourself. Are your client's ignoring your telephone calls and visits? Then get your sales folks on the road with some old fashioned "treats" to get their foot in the door.

A personalized promotional product is the perfect present! Frill Seekers Gifts can add your company, school or club logo on a variety of items such as:
Silver Gifts
Hats and Visors
and many, many more!

Many of our top clients are ordering REALLY personalized gifts for their prospective clients. There is NO better way to get a customer's attention that showing up at their door with a basket of goodies personalized with their name or initials. How can they tell you no or not see you when your arms are loaded down with treats? (IMPORTANT NOTE: they can't!) This tactic works every time.

Frill Seekers Gifts has great price breaks and offers fast service. Call today and ask for details. Our creative team can WOW your client and get you some much needed B-I-Z ! Your company will get the exposure it deserves.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Inviting Invitations!

I just love, love, love going to the mail box each day to see what surprises await! Not bills, magazines and junk---but fun, funky invitations! You know the kind that simply make you giggle or sigh with delight! Unique, fun, original invitations. Like these:
Say Ole' Come and play! Mexican Fiesta Invitation

Hosting a fiesta would be fun! Let this Mexican sombrero card tease your guests with anticipation of spicy, classic Mexican dishes and festive decor.

Tea for Two! Tea Party Invitation

Every girl, regardless of age, loves to take tea. Hoisting a tea cup and pinkie finger in the air makes for a relaxing afternoon in the deep south. This invitation, cut out in the shape of a plump tea pot will have your next event brimming with excitement.

Three Ring Circus Birthday! Circus Invitation

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages...your birthday will be three rings of joy if your guests are invited to attend with this colorful, die-cut, fold out big top tent card with it's very own lion! A matching thank you note will have the audience cheering for more.

You should be tempted by now to host a fun party! Frill Seekers Gifts has invitations for every event imaginable. Simple give the design team a ring at 850-267-GIFT and let us take your party theme to new levels of creativity! Matching cups and napkins can be designed to complement your theme.