Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Inviting Invitations!

I just love, love, love going to the mail box each day to see what surprises await! Not bills, magazines and junk---but fun, funky invitations! You know the kind that simply make you giggle or sigh with delight! Unique, fun, original invitations. Like these:
Say Ole' Come and play! Mexican Fiesta Invitation

Hosting a fiesta would be fun! Let this Mexican sombrero card tease your guests with anticipation of spicy, classic Mexican dishes and festive decor.

Tea for Two! Tea Party Invitation

Every girl, regardless of age, loves to take tea. Hoisting a tea cup and pinkie finger in the air makes for a relaxing afternoon in the deep south. This invitation, cut out in the shape of a plump tea pot will have your next event brimming with excitement.

Three Ring Circus Birthday! Circus Invitation

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages...your birthday will be three rings of joy if your guests are invited to attend with this colorful, die-cut, fold out big top tent card with it's very own lion! A matching thank you note will have the audience cheering for more.

You should be tempted by now to host a fun party! Frill Seekers Gifts has invitations for every event imaginable. Simple give the design team a ring at 850-267-GIFT and let us take your party theme to new levels of creativity! Matching cups and napkins can be designed to complement your theme.

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