Monday, March 30, 2009

Camp Trunks for the Boys!

Take a deep breath...breathe in, breathe out. You can almost "smell" the scent of summer camp starting to breeze through the early spring air. As school winds down, the summer camps start gearing up. {{squeal with delight}} Which can only mean one thing...

It's time to order your camp supplies. Frill Seekers Gifts often features the girly kinda camp goods. You know, polka dot trunks, swirly clip boards, and funky note cards. But, what about the boys? Isn't there anything suitable for the guys to take up the mountain, down South or cross country?

Why, sure there is! These camp trunks are just the thing! Many NCAA school are offered: Kentucky, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, etc. If you don't see your team, just call us.

These trunks are super sturdy and can be used in your child's room or playroom when not at camp. Nice to store sports items in, off-season clothing or toys. They even come with built in wheels for easy travel.

Clipboards, note cards and duffel bags are also now in stock. Remember, summer camp is your little one's home away from, make sure it's a cozy, fun reminder of the good times back at your house.

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