Monday, March 24, 2008

Door Knob Reminder! HINT!

You won't forget this reminder!

Each night before I go to sleep I think of 10 things I need to do the next day. I also think of things that my children need to take to school and my hubby needs to take to work.

However, by the time the sun comes up on Crystal Lake, I've forgotten the things I thought of the night before! Frustrating...until this little item appeared at Frill Seekers Gifts.

The Door Knob Reminder Pad!
It will be the last thing that you see on the way out the door! Just write your reminder message the night before, hang it on the door knob, and you or your family member will be sure to get the job done!

Reminder Pads have a space that we can print up to 6 names on with a convenient "check" box and a space for items like:
~bring home
~drop off
~pick up
~please don't forget

Ink color available are red, blue, or black. Pad is 4"x 9" cost is $27.50

Check them out at

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more treat for your car!

Another monogram confession!

In my last blog posting I revealed my apparent addition to any and everything monogrammed...and I've taken the illness one step further!

Since you are considering adding monogrammed products to your car (I'm also a mind-reader!) you must consider adding these stylish monogrammed car mats.

These mats are sturdy, slip and stain resistant. The mat colors come in earth tones, dark shades and fun colors.

The edges of the mats can be piped in polka dot ribbon, vinyl, or standard edging. The mat is then finished off with a custom sewn monogram of your name or initials. Several fonts are available. The ever popular CURLZ seems to be leading the pack on font selection and the polka dot piping is by far the most ordered.

For the parents out there who are giving their darling little Muffy or Charles a new car for graduation---this is a MUST. Let's just say it finishes the gift, shall we?

For the person who has everything, this is the perfect treat.

To view the selections, visit

Monday, March 17, 2008

Favorite License Plate

My Favorite License Plate!

Hello. My name is Heidi LoCicero and I am a Monogram-a-holic! So, there, I admitted it. Whew! That feels so good.

I knew I was in trouble when I ordered a window monogram (see above photo)for my car and then I HAD to have the monogram car mats. I really thought I was d-o-n-e...and then this monogrammed license plate appeared on my desk at Frill Seekers Gifts. I was so delighted and excited, I ordered one for each of my cars and one for our golf cart.(Remember it's an addiction, I can't help it.)

I'm alot like Amy Winehouse, I say "no, no, NO!" to rehab. I love personalizing of every kind. This license plate feeds my need.

This license plate is made of a durable white standard metal and is embellished with our snazzy permanent lettering.

Go to to order or call us at 850-267-4438

Select a letter color!
Select a lettering style!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A perfect match! (pun intended!)

Pardon the Pun...this is a perfect match!

Here at the beach---it's SPRING BREAK! Amen! The weather is heating up, the clothes are coming off and the smell of suntan lotion is filling the shop. Ahhhh, how nice. So, the "paper dolls" at Frill Seekers Gifts thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce you to the...perfect match!

How can a match, eh-hem, match book be perfect? Well, for starters this little book is filled with strike ready matches. That's the necessary part. The most delightful part is that the cover is...(drum roll, puh-lease)...monogrammed!

You knew there was a catch with this match! What home in America or beyond, for that matter, would be complete without a set of custom monogrammed match books? They would look divine in your guest room tucked next to one of our monogrammed candles. The match books look darling nestled in a jar near the hearth of a fireplace. Heck, these things even look good on a bar! (we did say it was Spring Break, right?)

The price is reasonable. For 50 match books with the initials, expect to pay only $39.99.

A set of 50 would be a nice housewarming gift, beach house treat or wedding favor. IF you are single, ready to mingle and heading to the shore for Spring Break '08, it sure would be cute to toss these up on the bar and display your "preppiness" for all to see. Just a thought! Enjoy! Come see us at Sandestin!

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Mommy MUST!

Mommy M*U*S*T get these!

So, you are sitting at home on the couch...the kids just got on the bus to head to are settling in to watch REGIS & KELLY...and then it happens! (cue the telephone sound effects---RING, RING!)

It's your child's school, the field trip paperwork that had to be turned in today was not. "WAIT," you scream! "Look in Lucy's backpack---there is a polka dot envelope marked: KID CARRIER: Special Delivery!"

Sure enough, the teacher apologizes! (Save the recording!)

These envelopes come in sets of 10 pre-printed "pad style." Simply pull off an envelope and check off what's inside:
~Lunch Money
~Permission Slip
~Signed Papers

A spot is listed for the Child's name and Teacher! There is even a special notes section. Looooooove these little babies. Makes our mommy job soooo much easier and organized.

Super cute and handie dandie! Priced to sell at $8.99. Pick lime green polka dot or blue polka dot.

Call to order 850-267-4438 or shop online: