Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more treat for your car!

Another monogram confession!

In my last blog posting I revealed my apparent addition to any and everything monogrammed...and I've taken the illness one step further!

Since you are considering adding monogrammed products to your car (I'm also a mind-reader!) you must consider adding these stylish monogrammed car mats.

These mats are sturdy, slip and stain resistant. The mat colors come in earth tones, dark shades and fun colors.

The edges of the mats can be piped in polka dot ribbon, vinyl, or standard edging. The mat is then finished off with a custom sewn monogram of your name or initials. Several fonts are available. The ever popular CURLZ seems to be leading the pack on font selection and the polka dot piping is by far the most ordered.

For the parents out there who are giving their darling little Muffy or Charles a new car for graduation---this is a MUST. Let's just say it finishes the gift, shall we?

For the person who has everything, this is the perfect treat.

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