Friday, March 7, 2008

A Mommy MUST!

Mommy M*U*S*T get these!

So, you are sitting at home on the couch...the kids just got on the bus to head to are settling in to watch REGIS & KELLY...and then it happens! (cue the telephone sound effects---RING, RING!)

It's your child's school, the field trip paperwork that had to be turned in today was not. "WAIT," you scream! "Look in Lucy's backpack---there is a polka dot envelope marked: KID CARRIER: Special Delivery!"

Sure enough, the teacher apologizes! (Save the recording!)

These envelopes come in sets of 10 pre-printed "pad style." Simply pull off an envelope and check off what's inside:
~Lunch Money
~Permission Slip
~Signed Papers

A spot is listed for the Child's name and Teacher! There is even a special notes section. Looooooove these little babies. Makes our mommy job soooo much easier and organized.

Super cute and handie dandie! Priced to sell at $8.99. Pick lime green polka dot or blue polka dot.

Call to order 850-267-4438 or shop online:

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