Saturday, March 27, 2010

Personalized Camp Trunks Footlockers

The school year is winding down, which means the preparations to get the kids to CAMP are gearing up!
Being away from home for a month in the summer at great camps such as Camp Desoto, Camp Alpine or Camp Skyline fly by when your camper's set up is personalized and "homey."
Add some style and pizazz to the bunk house with one of Frill Seekers Gifts personalized camp trunks or footlockers as they are known as in the North. Each trunk has 2 secure locks at the front and a fancy, funky name top and center. Camp trunks are available in a rainbow of colors, such as, red, blue, lime green, pink, white, orange and black. The name or monogram on the top can be done in any color your camper's heart desires.
Campers are also lovin' Frill Seeker's shower caddies,
towel wraps for the late night runs to the shower,
cool monogrammed hats to keep the sun at bay, and our ever popular laundry bags...all personalized of course! The great thing about these items are they will be useful long after your worn out camper arrives back at home. Each item can be used year round, too! Make sure your camper shows up in style this year. Get personalized! Get funky! Get fun! Get shopping at Frill Seekers and your worries are DONE!
For those of you who are just finding out about Frill Seekers Gifts...the shop is located on the beautiful Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort's Village of Baytowne Wharf!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fabulous New Jewelry


Ok, I'm breaking the rules and loving it! I was told/ordered NOT to show all of the new jewelry pieces that will be unveiled this week for Spring. Oh well...

I've already added some of them to our website AND I've been showing EVERYONE who enters the shop.

Sorry, I am just in love with the new styles. You will be, too!

Our hand stamped collection is designed to be "stacked" on a single chain with several pieces on top of each other. I ordered the cross charm and hand stamped it with the words, "Mom." I stacked it on a chain with a copper tag with "Peyton" and a square tag that was stamped for my son, "Andrew!" True love. These are in every magazine this spring. Order yours today.

These embossed monogram pieces are another must have, gotta get item. Each pieces is hand embossed with the letters of your choice. Very timeless and stylish.

Our silouette monograms, which have been seen on the likes of Miss Taylor Swift, are going to be best sellers, mark my word.

The cut-work is gorgeous and makes a statement for casual wear or dress it up on a nice necklace for evening wear.

Get ready for a spectacular spring with some new bling!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get Lucky Discount Code at Frill Seekers Gifts

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Monogrammed Baby Shoes for Boys and Girls

There are some gifts that you will find hard to resist. These darling, monogrammed baby shoes are just such the gift.
Don't you think these sweet shoes would look precious on a baby boy or baby girl? The best part is the "keepsake" angle of this treat. After the little one outgrows the shoe, use it as a keepsake on the baby's dresser or in a shadow box.
Most of Frill Seekers Gifts clients personalize the boy shoe set in baby blue and the girl shoe set in pale pink. However, the monogram is offered in just about every color imaginable. So, if you have the perfect baby outfit, our personalization team can match the color.
The price point will make you scream like a hungry baby...just....$16.00 for the shoes and $9.00 to personalize!
Babies really are one of life's sweetest gifts and these shoes would make a new born baby's arrival even more special.
Give us a ring to order: 850-267-4438!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Personalized Easter Baskets...hop to it and order now!

What a pleasant surprise! Our precious, personalized Easter Baskets were recently featured on one of the South's best photographer's website and her FACEBOOK page, Willoughby Studios.

"Hop on over" to her website to check out the beautiful photography. Rebecca Willoughby (the former Miss Bankston and an AOII sorority sis) is a well known photog in South Louisiana. Her work captures the sweet moments in life for families, businesses or babies.

Her creative style is what I like best. Rebecca will do traditional "posed" shots for clients, but I prefer her candid snaps of kids just being kids, families just playing together naturally on location, or business folks captured entrenched in their jobs. The color in her photographs is rich and inviting. Her angles are enviable.

This little cutie pictured above, was obviously intrigued by the duckies in her basket. She reaches in ever so slightly to pat a duckie on the back---and click, snap, click---the perfect pic is taken!

The personalized basket in the photograph is from yours truly...Frill Seekers Gifts! Isn't it presh, too? The basket is wicker and the fabric liner is available in baby blue, seafoam green or pale pink as shown. Order now so you, too, can have some darling photographs taken of your little bunnies in their Easter finery. (to order a basket call us at: 850-267-4438)

And don't forget to give Rebecca a ring to have photographs taken. A little birdie, (no, sorry, not a duckie) told me she travels all over for her clients. Perhaps we can get her down to the beach for a weekend photo shoot for our clients??? Hmmmm...just thinkin' {{hint, hint or quack quack as the case maybe!}}