Friday, March 12, 2010

Monogrammed Baby Shoes for Boys and Girls

There are some gifts that you will find hard to resist. These darling, monogrammed baby shoes are just such the gift.
Don't you think these sweet shoes would look precious on a baby boy or baby girl? The best part is the "keepsake" angle of this treat. After the little one outgrows the shoe, use it as a keepsake on the baby's dresser or in a shadow box.
Most of Frill Seekers Gifts clients personalize the boy shoe set in baby blue and the girl shoe set in pale pink. However, the monogram is offered in just about every color imaginable. So, if you have the perfect baby outfit, our personalization team can match the color.
The price point will make you scream like a hungry baby...just....$16.00 for the shoes and $9.00 to personalize!
Babies really are one of life's sweetest gifts and these shoes would make a new born baby's arrival even more special.
Give us a ring to order: 850-267-4438!

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