Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fabulous New Jewelry


Ok, I'm breaking the rules and loving it! I was told/ordered NOT to show all of the new jewelry pieces that will be unveiled this week for Spring. Oh well...

I've already added some of them to our website AND I've been showing EVERYONE who enters the shop.

Sorry, I am just in love with the new styles. You will be, too!

Our hand stamped collection is designed to be "stacked" on a single chain with several pieces on top of each other. I ordered the cross charm and hand stamped it with the words, "Mom." I stacked it on a chain with a copper tag with "Peyton" and a square tag that was stamped for my son, "Andrew!" True love. These are in every magazine this spring. Order yours today.

These embossed monogram pieces are another must have, gotta get item. Each pieces is hand embossed with the letters of your choice. Very timeless and stylish.

Our silouette monograms, which have been seen on the likes of Miss Taylor Swift, are going to be best sellers, mark my word.

The cut-work is gorgeous and makes a statement for casual wear or dress it up on a nice necklace for evening wear.

Get ready for a spectacular spring with some new bling!

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