Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Start 2009 in style!

Forget making New Year's Resolutions that you simply can't keep! Make one that you can!

Resolve to be a savvy entertainer, a stylish host and a gracious guest. It really is a simple resolution to keep. It does not involve costly gym memberships or a pledge to stay away from yummy food. In fact, it allows you to get even closer to the things you love. Like these, must-have, gotta get goodies:

Nice Napkins for your next shindig! Notice the personalization. Yum!

Fabulous tub to keep your beverages stylishly cool.

Snazzy Coasters are a must to protect your furniture!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Do I have to write a Thank You note?

When is the last time YOU received a handwritten thank you note? I bet you can remember exactly who it was written by and when it arrived. You can probably even remember the paper it was on and the gift it was sent for.

Today's world is all about instant gratification...fast, impersonal and easy. As the owner of a fine stationery store, for the past 20+ years, one would think that if I {{notice the STRONG emphasis on the word think}} gave someone a gift---that they would feel obligated to send me a thank you note. Right? She does own a stationery store. She does practice good manners. She did go out of her way to select a nice, thoughtful gift. Right? Wrong!

It just shocks me that even I have some relatives and friends that simply do not send thank you notes. I would at least send one to me! This year, I received my first "MySpace" thank you email after I sent a lovely baby gift. At first, I was aghast. Then I thought...well...at least it was an attempt. Albeit an impersonal, unconventional attempt.

Come on faithful readers...what do you think about this subject? Are your feelings hurt when you scour the finest stores for the perfect gift for someone and then never receive a thank you note or an acknowledgement that the gift was indeed received? I want to know! I need to know!

BONUS: To tempt you to get your thank you notes done this Christmas, we are offering this fabulous stationery special. This is 100 piece set: 50 deluxe cards and 50 envelopes. Great price. Please order now and surprise your loved ones with gratitude. Puh-lease!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Online & In Store Sale of the Year!

Well, VIP's you are amazing! Your loyalty and support have helped end our year on a high note. To thank you one last time this year...here is our secret code for our sale: SANTAELF
Use this code online at both Frill Seekers Gifts and Tales by the Sea for 20% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!


PS: Remember to order your thank you notes now, so you are ready to show your gratitude after Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Finally---it's time to shop for Y-O-U ! Use this DISCOUNT CODE to earn 20% OFF your ENTIRE ONLINE ORDER today only! Shop now!




Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We can STILL ship personalized Gifts to you!

While other sites have shut down for the Holidays...the Frill Seekers Gifts elves are just working away. You can still order items today from the shop or website and have them in time for HO! HO! HO!

Check out these must have, gotta get, too cute to pass up gifts:
Collegiate Notepad sets:
Purrrrfect Puppy Presents:

Lunch Boxes:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

F*R*E*E Mongramming In-store & Online!

We can't thank you enought for your support this Holiday Season...but we're gonna try anyway!
F*R*E*E MONOGRAMMING SITE WIDE & STOREWIDE THIS WEEKEND ONLY!We can still get your orders to you in time for Christmas if they are ordered by this SATURDAY! Woo! Hoo! Our machines are humming, the elves running and the little drummer boy drumming!

Miss Dottie Bamboo Bag:

3 piece Luggage set:

Monogrammed License Plate:

Waffle Make up Bag:

Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Open House This Weekend! Join Us!

Join Us this weekend for our Annual Open House!
Saturday and Sunday 10-6. In store specials, snacks, treats and prizes.
Comment and you may win a little something extra.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 Day Stationery Sale!

Forget the tree...decorate your desk with a set of personalized stationery! This 100 piece set comes with 50 beautifully embossed monogram cards and 50 ivory envelopes. Colors to pick from are: Mississippi Mocha, Louisiana Lime, Savannah Navy and Crimson Red! Priced at only $39.99, this is the perfect gift to give. Get going---it's only on sale for T-W-O days.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Call for Coasters! Contest Winners Announced!

Cheers! I am ready to toast to a tough, but successful Holiday season! We've really had to think differently the last quarter of 2008 to find reasonable, yet unique personalized gifts to offer you. Alas, we did it!

Our monogrammed coasters are popular year round, but during the holidays sales on the coasters spike. The Frill Seeker's team thought it was because EVERYONE was ordering them to use at their Holiday shindigs. We soon learned that people were also ordering them to use as adorable gift tags on their wrapped gifts. We LOVE that idea!

Your tree will look even more amazing with each box sporting a snazzy monogram gift tag. These are perfect for that use, because they are made on a 90 pound card stock circle and thermographed deeply with the monogram. Simply take out the old sharpie and add a "To: & From:" and you are D-O-N-E!

Coasters are offered in black, green, red or blue ink. Lettering choices are script or diamond seal block. When used as a coaster, each one can be used several times. They are super absorbent and super nice.

If you need them in time for Christmas...ORDER TODAY! Cut off will be announced any day now.

PS: Congrats to CHRISTINA for winning our insulated tumbler giveaway! Email us with your choices and we will get your surprise out ASAP!

PSS: Two Winners for Ornament Give Away! Both Ashley & Christina won a personalized ornament for just leaving a sweet post on our blog. Girls, email us your color & letter and we'll send your treat!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gift Items for their Camp, Beach House, Boat, Home, Office

Guys Gifts Galore!
Last night, I felt like Santa Claus! I made my Christmas list and began checking it twice. (Too bad I couldn't notate who's been naughty or nice!)While checking it one thing repeated itself over and over. The guys on my list still needed a gift.

Finding the perfect gift that a guy will go "ga ga" over is not easy. Unless it's a remote control, tickets to a sporting event or a subscription to Sports Illustrated...the guys are hard to buy unique personalized gifts for. BLAH!

Until now---
---what guy wouldn't love a personalized gift promoting his favorite hideaway or hobby? Order something special for his Camp, Lake House, Boat, Beach House, Cabin, Office or Hobby! This set of personalized drink huggies is just the gift. Made of neoprene in the color of his choice with a snazzy design and fun wording...the gift will make your guy swoon.

To finish off his "new look," order a set of cocktail napkins to coordinate with his koozies. Select a color, design and font and our personalization team will create a logo. Priced at only $36.00 per 100, this gift has a high perceived value.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Getting the guys to go "ga ga" was pretty easy with these gifts. Keeping him "ga ga" for a few weeks...now that you'll have to handle with your special powers. {{wink, wink!}} If you need these in time for Christmas, place your order now.