Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Call for Coasters! Contest Winners Announced!

Cheers! I am ready to toast to a tough, but successful Holiday season! We've really had to think differently the last quarter of 2008 to find reasonable, yet unique personalized gifts to offer you. Alas, we did it!

Our monogrammed coasters are popular year round, but during the holidays sales on the coasters spike. The Frill Seeker's team thought it was because EVERYONE was ordering them to use at their Holiday shindigs. We soon learned that people were also ordering them to use as adorable gift tags on their wrapped gifts. We LOVE that idea!

Your tree will look even more amazing with each box sporting a snazzy monogram gift tag. These are perfect for that use, because they are made on a 90 pound card stock circle and thermographed deeply with the monogram. Simply take out the old sharpie and add a "To: & From:" and you are D-O-N-E!

Coasters are offered in black, green, red or blue ink. Lettering choices are script or diamond seal block. When used as a coaster, each one can be used several times. They are super absorbent and super nice.

If you need them in time for Christmas...ORDER TODAY! Cut off will be announced any day now.

PS: Congrats to CHRISTINA for winning our insulated tumbler giveaway! Email us with your choices and we will get your surprise out ASAP!

PSS: Two Winners for Ornament Give Away! Both Ashley & Christina won a personalized ornament for just leaving a sweet post on our blog. Girls, email us your color & letter and we'll send your treat!


Ashley said...

Hi Heidi~
Thanks for another great prize! I emailed you my choice!
Happy Holidays!


Christina said...

Aw...thanks!! What fabulous prizes! I will e-mail you my choice shortly! Merry Christmas!