Monday, September 13, 2010

Football Fever!

Football Fever is sweeping Frill Seekers Gifts!

We can hardly stand it!  Fall is here and we, at Frill Seekers Gifts, love this time of the year.  The cool, crisp air, the beautiful colors of the leaves and football games send shivers down our spines.  All great reasons to host a Football Party, Tailgate event, or Sports themed birthday bash!  These invitations indicate a fun, fabulous football kinda time.  Be sure to have plenty of fun this fall by stepping out of your comfort zone and into the... entertaining end zone. 
These a just a few of our favorite football invites!  The Frill Seekers personalization team can print the cards in your team colors and come up with clever, catchy wording to entice your guest's to attend.  Score!

By the way...what's your favorite college team?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Collegiate Door Wreaths!

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Cute door wreath...
Cute door wreath, who?
Cute door wreath, so cute gotta get 2 !

Game day is always fun when the party starts at your home.  Welcome your guests in a spirited style with our fabulous, funky, polka dot wreath. 

Each wreath is made of wood and hand painted to feature your team and it's favorite logo.  Wreaths sell for just $69.99!

BONUS:  If you collect our Happy Everything Platter attachments...they will fit on your new wreath, too!  How cute would it be to have your wreath out around Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Adorable! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tailgate & Celebrate! Frill Seeker style!

Happy Fall Y'all!
Cooler temperatures will surely soon be here! We beckon you to slow down just a notch, cast aside what you've been doing all summer and simply get ready for--- some football!

Whether you cheer on a college, high school, NFL, or little league team...the Frill Seekers Gift's team is ready to help you tailgate and celebrate in style...personalized, of course!

Our offerings this year are something to cheer about. So, sit back in that lazy boy recliner, grab your hubby's remote control and turn off that annoying's time to shop!