Monday, March 24, 2008

Door Knob Reminder! HINT!

You won't forget this reminder!

Each night before I go to sleep I think of 10 things I need to do the next day. I also think of things that my children need to take to school and my hubby needs to take to work.

However, by the time the sun comes up on Crystal Lake, I've forgotten the things I thought of the night before! Frustrating...until this little item appeared at Frill Seekers Gifts.

The Door Knob Reminder Pad!
It will be the last thing that you see on the way out the door! Just write your reminder message the night before, hang it on the door knob, and you or your family member will be sure to get the job done!

Reminder Pads have a space that we can print up to 6 names on with a convenient "check" box and a space for items like:
~bring home
~drop off
~pick up
~please don't forget

Ink color available are red, blue, or black. Pad is 4"x 9" cost is $27.50

Check them out at

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