Monday, February 23, 2009

Get your CAMP items order now! Trunks, Towel Wrap & Treats

Summer Camp is just a few months away...time to get your trunks, towel wraps and treats ordered!
High up on Lookout Mountain in sleepy Mentone, Alabama sits a wonderful, memorable place called Camp Desoto. This camp for girls, held each summer is a place where life consists just of the things that count: good friends, making great memories, in a spiritual setting with amazing leadership.

For the summer, camp becomes your home away from home. Therefore, girls from the north and from the south flock to Frill Seekers Gifts website to order the ensemble to decorate their camp cabin.

Our camp trunks are the hit of every camp, from Desoto, to Skyline to Texas' Camp Longhorn. The boy camps are no exception! We ship trunks to Alpine campers, Rockmount, and many more.
The trunks can be personalized with the campers name and a fun design. Order now to have in time for 2009 camps.

To add a touch of fun to the campers quarters...check out these personalized acrylic items. The clip board is always a best seller and the knick knack trays and boxes are pure fun-ctional.

Hustling to and from the ice cold mountain showers becomes a fun activity if your camper is sporting a Frill Seekers Gifts towel wrap with a snazzy name or monogram. If you are new to the camp thing...having your campers name on EVERYTHING is a MUST. Unless, of course you never want to see the items again. Personalization for camp items is not optional. {{wink, wink}}

Spending a summer at camp is an investment in your child's future. The lessons learned and applied in this group setting will carry with them for a lifetime. Not to mention, the super cute personalized items they take will make the experience more...well...personalized!

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keenaledford said...

love the camp items. can't wait to get some things for Molly.