Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Embosser for Letters

In today's world, technology has brought forth a desire for instant, fast, often impersonal forms of communicating. {{helloooo...facebook/texting/email?}} But, like fast food, just because it's fast doesn't necessarily mean it's good.

One thing that will never be replaced in terms of the emotional connection, is that of a hand written note. A lovely, heart felt note can make the heart skip a beat. The thoughtful gesture of sitting down to express your gratitude, thoughts or simply to say hello will never be a "thing of the past."

The stationery is the first impression a recipient gets of your correspondence. Speaking of impressions...the return address...when embossed on the back flap of an envelope, certainly leaves an impression. {{pun, fully intended!}}
Embossing is the art of using pressure to apply a design or series of letters into a surface. Frill Seekers Gift's embossers can be personalized in many ways. The most popular use is on the return address of envelopes. The second use, which is gaining popularity is to use your embosser to imprint napkins. Your personalized embosser can also be used to create gift tags, gift wrap and unique stationery.

These durable embossers will allow you to make a lasting impression, not just on your letters, but on your creativity.

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