Sunday, August 3, 2008

Funky Shirts for Back to School by Heidi Locicero Baton Rouge LA

Why is it that summer flies by, but the school year drags on? I really wanna know! These children are so happy it must be summertime.

This school year will not be a drag if your little one sports one of our funky t-shirts!
What child wouldn't love a fun colored t-shirt with their name front and center?
Or how about one that states, "Kindergarten Rocks!" The best one we shipped last week said, "Preschool Rocks!" Soooo cute.

Another cool option for sports fans, is to have your name printed on a white t-shirt in your favorite teams colors. A tiger fan could order purple and gold. A Bama boy could order crimson red. You get the point.

One of our favorite clients from Kentucky, Kari Guiler Kirn, ordered a shirt for each of her kiddos and took their Christmas card photo in them. It was P*R*E*C*I*O*U*S! I'll dig up a photo for you guys to see.

Get creative!

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