Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love this Lunch Box!

This lunch box rocks!

My son Andrew's favorite part of pre-school was lunch! Not just regular lunch mind you...but the part called, "Lunch Bunch!" This was when the busy mom's would willingly leave their kiddos at pre-school for an extra hour or so to tend to important appointments. Noooooooooooo, not the doctor or kindergarten entry interviews...more like a tennis match or some power shopping! Regardless of the mommy task at hand, Andrew loved to be a part of Lunch Bunch.

His favorite part, besides getting an extra hour of play-time, was packing his very own lunch. Andrew, who is now a seasoned middle schooler, reminded me of his Lunch Bunch days when these new Custom Lunch Boxes appeared on the Frill Seekers Gifts shelves and website. He said, "whoa, those lunch boxes rock! Wish I would have had one of those in pre-school!" I instantly knew these little boxes would soon move up to our "unofficial" offical hot item list.

Check out the designs at in the Kool Kids Gift section. Many designs are shown, such as Firetruck, Polka Dots, Froggie, Stripes, and Sports. The boxes are made with a sturdy handle and a lock and snap closure.

This is a great item to take along when your little one is going to church or to a restaurant. Simply pack their crayons and some paper and wha-la---you have an art case.

Great gift for any age boy or girl. One cute Frill Seeker Momma ordered one to carry her goodies in each day to her medical office. Awww, cute. I bet it's just what the doctor ordered....a lunch box that rocks!

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