Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monogram Golf Cart Goodies

(conversation overheard at the Birmingham Country Club)

Muffy: Blair have you been to the country club this week?

Blair: No, I haven't. I was having some work done.

Muffy: On your car?

Blair: No, dear. On my face. Why? What's new at the club?

Muffy: What's new? Well, I can't believe you haven't heard! Everyone and I do mean everyone at the club has ordered a monogram for their golf carts from some shop down in Florida called, Frill Seekers Gifts! They are precious.

Blair: Well, I guess I should have considered getting a "lift" for my golf cart's appearance instead of my own. Now I'll be the last at the club to get it done.

Muffy: Lucky you! I felt sorry for you---being bandaged up like Michael Jackson so, I ordered you one as a treat from and check out the photo---it looks mighty good, if I do say so myself.

Blair: I declare! You are the best friend, evah! By the way, Muffy, did you happen to order one for my car, too? Just checking!

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