Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation Gifts for College Bound Kids

One of our favorite Viking football players, will soon head to south Florida to attend the University of Florida.  We are so proud!  The Frill Seekers Gifts team scurried to find the perfect gift for him. 
The trunk above would make the perfect storage compartment for the dorm.  All 5 sides feature the college's logo and mascot.  Many schools are available: Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Kentucky, FSU, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas...and so many more!
Knowing that high school graduates will have plenty of thank you notes to write, we highly recommend buying your student some college notecards that feature their favorite team.  Again, we just HAD to get these Gator notes.  Ha!

Picking the perfect graduation gift is very easy...just visit:  Frill Seekers Gifts!

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