Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kindergarten & Preschool ROCKS shirts back in stock! Call to order 850-267-4438

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joan said...

Dear Heidi and Brian, I hope to visit your stores, "Tales by the Sea" and "Frill Seekers," one of these days when I get back to Florida. Your products look fabulous. I would love to test a couple of them out.

If the order I placed online April 27 would reach me some day I would be in a better position to give you a thumbs up. Here it is August 1st, and I still don't know if I will ever get my order. You were very efficient in billing my Visa card on April 30th, however.

After seven attempts to get an answer or to at least get my money refunded, today was the first time someone called me back - not with an answer, but to say that someone may call me sometime, some day, sometime later, because everyone is really busy and the other computer that would have the answer doesn't seem to have the answer, yet. But not to worry, someone may be back to me soon.

I have been very patient because I am aware that the Bulgari products have been difficult to get. I would have been happier if you did not bill my card until you actually had the products to ship. And happier still, if when I am told the order shipped, that it actually did and someone could give me a tracking number. This doesn't seem unreasonable.

So you can see I am really looking forward to visiting you and your stores, and to especially meeting my email and phone pals Lois, Peyton, and Allie.
Love to you both, Joan, Order 1045