Friday, July 25, 2008

Cheers! The perfect cup!

Cheers! Indeed, these are the a must!

Surrounding yourself with stylish things truly does bring joy to your life. Even getting a mere glass of tap water is more exciting when placed in a shatterproof cup with your very own monogram on it. Preppy sippers swear (don't tell their mommas that they are swearin' now!) that it makes everything taste better.

Shatterproof cups will go through the dishwasher for at least two years and come out looking darn good each and every time. Did you guys notice the word shatterproof? Little Cameron and Miss Camille can try their hardest, but they will NOT be able to break these cups. Hurray!

Super cute designs can be added to your sassy sippers with a fun line of copy in the color of your choice.

Hard plastic, stadium style and foam cups can also be personalized. For the person who has everything...this will impress.

The most talked about use for these cool cups is still for "to-go" cups from your humble abode. Now you won't have to fret when Amanda's beau du jour insists on taking his toddy home in your favorite Waterford crystal glass with a less than sincere promise to return it. Simply swap it to one of "your cups." Speaking of Waterford...the best design we did this week was a set of foam cups with the family's name and Waterford. It read: Woods Waterford. Cute, huh?

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C*H*E*E*R*S! Bottoms up!

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