Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thrills & Frills with new Vera Bradley

{{ring, ring}}
ME: Hellllooo? (it's 6:15 a.m.)

HIM: Is this Heidi from Frill Seekers Gifts?

ME: Umm, yes...

HIM: This is John from Fed Ex, I have 29 HUGE boxes from Vera Bradley to deliver to your shop today. How early can you meet me there?

ME: Uhhhh, John, I think we have a bad connection...did you say 29 HUGE boxes?

HIM: Yes, mam. It's 29 boxes and I know my daughter will want something Vera Bradley for Christmas. So, how early can you meet me? Say 8:15ish? Can you do that Heidi?

ME: Why, yes. Yes, I will meet you John. Oh...and John...won't you be kind and stay and help the nice paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gift unpack these boxes?

HIM: {{click}}

ME: RUSH>RUSH>RUSH to get dressed and get to the shop. The suspense is killing me. The new Vera Bradley items were beautiful at market and I simply can't wait to see them in our shop. The Christmas stockings were precious and the new FRILL items were way cute.

YOU: Get dressed and get to Frill Seekers Sandestin location. It's time to SHOP!

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