Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reslove to get organized in the New Year!

If you'd like to make a resolution that you can actually KEEP and ENJOY this year... our Dry Erase calendars are just the thing to keep you organized!
If 2009 seemed like a blur of hustle and bustle, it's probably because you lacked organization. Having your week, let alone, the entire month laid out at a glance for the whole family to see is a must. There are so many fun color combinations to select from. Check out our best seller we call---Funky Bubbles:Calendars come in 3 useful sizes: Small, Medium and Large. At this point, we would normally mention that our fabulous calendars were featured 3 or 4 time on TLC's John and Kate plus 8...but know why we WON'T mention that anymore!
Get organized in 2010! Get this calendar!

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