Sunday, June 7, 2009

Marble Personalized Necklace

A new best seller emerges:

It's weird how things happen...I write up an order for two, Catrina writes up an order for one, Peyton orders one for herself, two tourists come in to order one and then we start to notice!

This delicious necklace (in terms of yum factor, not taste) is outselling all of its family members 3 to 1. It is a beautiful marble piece that is engraved with 3 letters in a monogram format or a single large initial.

The earth tone colors really work with almost any outfit, from festive to fun. The necklace shown is a great addition. This marble pendant would also look snazzy on a silver choker, black chord, or a ribbon necklace. It is versatile and reasonable.

Hence, awarding it the BEST SELLER of the WEEK AWARD. {{Cheering from the crowd}}

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