Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get Organzied this Summer!

Are your kids driving you crazy this summer? You know the drill: "What are we doing tomorrow? How many days until our trip? What day is granny coming?"

If these questions are the same ones that are filling the halls of your home...then its high time you order one of our wipe-n-erase calendars. Perfect to hang in the kitchen or playroom, these calendars come in 3 convenient sizes: small, medium and large.

Selecting a fun color combo can be a family affair. Some clients even frame the calendar before hanging it up.

This is a useful item for college bound kids, too. It will keep your student organized and help them manage their time in a glance.

Want to add a fun twist to your calendar? Add a cute caption to the top. Captions such as: Things to do, place to go, people to see or The Smith Scoop will be a hit.

To order click here. Or call us at 850-267-GIFT

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