Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The personalized locket...

By now, if you are a follower of this blog, you KNOW the paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts adore any and everything with a monogram. Who doesn't love a monogram?

Pottinger Photography recently featured a few stunning snapshots from one of their recent weddings. To say that we are in love with their photography and the bride and the monogrammed locket is an understatement!

We love, love, love the sweet addition of the personalized locket that this stylish bride choose to add to the bouquet she carried down the aisle. As our team sat around oohing and ahhhing over the bride's pics, we found ourselves wondering just what the locket might stand for.

Perhaps the locket is adorned with the bride's new initials, complete with a photograph of the bride and groom as children tucked inside. Or possibly it belonged to a dear family member who was not there to share in the wedding. Maybe the groom gave it to the bride as his gift of love. Perhaps it was given to the bride as a child with the hope that she would one day carry it on her wedding day...

The speculation could continue for hours, but our hope is that we one day learn the true meaning behind this stunning monogram touch. Monogramming, which has been around for centuries has long been associated with wedding motifs. We think this bride intentionally took a sentimental treasure to include in the most important moment of her life. Love it! {{Think we already said that!}}

If you would like to order your own monogrammed silver locket to have as a treasure---give Frill Seekers Gifts a "ring" {{pun fully intended}} at 850-267-GIFT and we will say "I do" have one in stock to personalize for you.

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