Thursday, February 18, 2010

Frill Seekers on Friendship...

One of my favorite all time songs boldly states: "Winter, spring, summer or fall...all you gotta do is call...You've got a friend!"

Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts! It truly is. The cutie pies pictured here with me at Sandestin's Mardi Gras festivities are two of my favorite BFF's!
Miss Kim and Lauren are quick to remind me that regardless of the season in life that I find myself in---they are there. Sometimes quietly, sometimes fiercely.

Life is really like a series of seasons itself. Often times when things seem to go wrong, I find myself in WINTER...where things are dreary, bleak and cold. Then along comes happy days that I compare to SPRING, which is filled with hope, promise, new chances, and a fresh perspective. Then there is SUMMER where the living is good, carefree and effortless. Yet somehow FALL always creeps in, reminding me, (like my BFF's do) that it's time to settle down, change things up a bit, perhaps grow in a different direction. {For Christian Music fans---listen to Nicole Nordeman's song titled: SEASONS! Wow what an emotional experience to hear this song!}

Seasons, like friendships are all about growth and change. Nothing lasts forever. Not bad times. Not good times. Not even seasons. Regardless of what life presents you, make sure you are surrounded by spiritual, kind and compassionate women. Ones that add and multiply the good things in your life---not subtract and divide.

When you do look around and find yourself surrounded by great girls, show them how much you really care with a treat from Frill Seekers Gifts. Something personalized, something unique. After all, it's true...Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall---you've got a friend.

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