Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Save the planet one bag at a time!

All it takes is just one single celebrity to get behind a cause or movement and the world can make a change.

Get a picture in a tabloid and the change becomes a trend. So goes the story of this recycled shopping tote. It's hard to pick up a magazine these days and NOT see at least one or two celebrities toting this adorable bag down Rodeo Drive. The idea behind these bags, besides looking stylish of course, is that you take this bag to grocery or the mall and instead of getting/wasting more bags...you put your purchases in this bag. Thus saving the trees and the planet...one bag at a time. Brilliant!

The Frill Seekers Gifts team couldn't be...well...more frilled...about it. Our bags are selling every minute of the day. Then we decided to "frill up" our recycle bags with a decal monogram...and BAM! A new trend emerged featuring our personalized totes. Aren't these cute?

It's painful to admit...but we guess the tabloids are good for SOMETHING! Who knew?

To order a tote bag: give us a ring at 850-267-4438

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I love it! Who wouldn't rather see attractive totes like this on the street than the traditional paper shopping bags that seem more like a status billboard (Screaming,"Look at me: I just bought something at an expensive store!!!") It's great when good taste and common sense come together.