Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fabulous Party to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vera Bradley's birth!

My, my, my! What a fabulous evening! The staff at Frill Seekers Gifts was delighted to be chosen to host a party to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vera Bradley. Champagne: check! Pink and Green cupcakes: check! Free prizes: check! Fabulous Vera Bradley items: check!

Vera Bradley, who is the grandmother of one of the company's founders was born just a mere 100 years ago. Her style, flair and grace is what inspired the two founders to choose her as their company's namesake.

In fact, to honor her birthday, Vera Bradley (the company) released a beautiful journal. This timeless journal, features excerpts from Vera Bradley's own journal from the 1930's. The illustrations are lovely and the cover shows a collage of many of the best selling patterns that the company has produced over the years.

The party at Frill Seekers Gifts was standing room only. Customers were treated to a sneak peek of the Microfiber collection, which has a stunning zebra pattern for the lining.

When the sun finally set...the champagne bottles were empty, the pink and green cupcakes long gone...along with many, many Vera Bradley items. WOW! We just wish Vera Bradley (the birthday girl) would still be around to see her legacy.

J. Akers
E. Clark
S. Forsyth
M. Miller
C. Strickland
L. Lindley
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Caroline said...

Hey this is C. Strickland and I saw my name on the drawing list so just wanted to leave a shout out to find out what to do know. Thanks :)

Ashley said...

Carnaby LYLAS
So cool!
Looks like your party was a hit! Wish I could've been there. Keep me posted on the next big event!

Ashley said...

As always...
A Loyal Follower!

Robin said...

still love peacock. but my new fave is purple punch (my school colors) followed by carnaby and bali blue...wish vera still made sports accessories like the water bottle and racquet cover. Can't wait to see what's new in the store. We will be down for the triathlon weekend! We need the sand and the sun.