Friday, October 17, 2008

Lunch Bunch Boxes!

Yummy Lunch Bunch Boxes!

"Am I doing Lunch Bunch, mom?" This was my son, Andrew's first question each morning before preschool at Jefferson Baptist in good old Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

You see, lunch bunch was fun...pack a yummy lunch in a cool lunch box, stay after preschool with your bunch of friends and watch a fun movie while you eat. For a four year old, this was pure heaven at the Baptist church. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it purely designed to keep the kids busy until their mommies got off the tennis court from their morning matches. Oh, well.

Today, "lunch bunch" is even held at offices for big boys and girls in the working world. It can still be fun, IF you pack your food in one of Frill Seekers Gifts snazzy lunch bunch boxes.

The photo above shows many options. Best sellers are the houndstooth for Bama Babes and the Tigers for Auburn or LSU fans. Teens seem to order the zebra and leopard mostly, while the Tweens like the stripes in their school colors or the camoflauge design.

The lunch boxes are durable and have a black plastic handle and metal tongue and groove closure like an old fashioned lunch box.

The lunch box is perfect to take out to restaurants or to church. Simply fill it up with art supplies or books and your little one will be busy, quiet and content. Priced at just $39.99 including the personalizing. Turn around time is only 7 working days! Great Christmas gift idea.

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