Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Everthing, indeed!

Need a gift for the person who has it all? Look no further...our assortment of Happy Everything items range from a colorful apron, platters or our most popular, Happy Everything Large Platter with attachments.

In the second photo above, you'll see a few of our favorite fall attachments. Each starter set comes with one platter and a cake. Then you can select additional attachments to work with the celebrations you host:
Football, Basketball, Baseball
Champagne, Margarita
Flip Flops, Beach House
Christmas tree, Santa
Spider, Witch
Bunny, Chick
...just to name a few!

The best part of giving this item is you always have a "follow up" gift to give, because we introduce new attachments quarterly.

Celebrate, Happy Everything! These are perfect to serve on when entertaining OR simply put on an easel and display all year long.

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