Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mommy Business Cards

Of course you need'em!

So, you are at a late lunch with the group of moms from your child's school and someone asks "for your business card" think..."I am a stay at home mom...I don't have a business card." ekkkk.


You are dropping off little Ellie at a playdate and want to make sure if something should happen...that Ellie's mother can reach you. You scramble and dig all through your purse and find a scrap of paper to jot your contact numbers on. Aghast, you just wish out loud that you had a card with all of your info printed on it.

WAIT NO MORE! Call Frill Seekers Gifts and place an order for MOMMY BUSINESS CARDS! You can select a card color, ink color and the wording of your choice. Notice under the mommy's name---where the title usually goes---it proudly states: Peyton and Andrew's Mom! Soooooo, adorable. Sooooo, practical. Sooooo, you gotta get these now!

These cards are also great to keep on hand to give out your address or email info. Sold in sets of 100 for just $44.95, these make an outstanding gift for moms who are on the go.

Heidi LoCicero, Peyton and Andrew's mom, highly recommends this item!

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