Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cookin up a new gift idea!

Cookin up something yummy in your kitchen? Well, savvy gals simply won't prepare dinner, snacks or cocktails without donning one of our darling monogrammed aprons.

Available in a variety of colors, this adjustable apron screams style! After the personalization team adds your initials or nickname, a coordinating bow is plopped at the top. So, stylish you'll want to wear it throughout the entire party.

How much you ask? Aprons run a measly $12.99 and the monogram is just $9.00. Told ya it was a new gift idea. Teachers seem to like this item to wear during art in the classroom. And if you want to cook up some fun in the bedroom, just wear the apron! Heheee. The Frill Seekers Gifts paper dolls are just chock full of fun ideas this week.

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