Thursday, June 11, 2015

Add some fresh color to you Summer!

Summer has arrived! If you're like us, you're SO ready to pack up all of the dark, drab winter colors and pull out pops of color in your wardrobe. While we adore the cooler temps that fall and winter bring, we are giddy over the warm temps summer is providing.  For us, warmer weather is sign of abundant outdoor activities, such as pool parties and beach days. 

As you pull out your summer clothes and swimsuits, start thinking about adding some pops of color to your look.  An easy affordable way to do this is by adding an acrylic monogram necklace to your outfit.  Offered in over 36 different colors, including some metallics, these darling baubles are a must-have, gotta-get item. 

After choosing a color for your pendant, study the two type styles offered to see which one reflects your personality most: Filigree Script Monogram or the Circle Block Monogram.  Last you'll need to decide on a size for the piece: small, medium or large.  Most gals seem to love the medium and the large sizes.  

Also shown in the photograph above is our best selling acrylic key chain in the filigree script monogram.  We think this piece is just divine.  Ideal to use for a beach house  key, car key or dorm room key.  

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